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City and Borough of Sitka

The City and Borough of Sitka has been selected for a Risk MAP Study in Federal Fiscal Year 2013.

City and Borough of Sitka Risk MAP Discovery Documents

On June 5, 2013, the State Risk MAP Coordinator, FEMA Region X, and FEMA’s contractor, STARR (Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction) conducted a RiskMAP Discovery Interview with the City and Borough of Sitka. The purpose of the Discovery Interview is to gain information on the hazards impacting communities within a watershed being studied for a RiskMAP project.

Following the Risk MAP Discovery Interview, FEMA will develop a Discovery Map depicting areas of mitigation interest identified during the interview process. The State Risk MAP Coordinator, FEMA and STARR will then travel to the City and Borough of Sitka to meet with City and Borough staff and residents in a Discovery Meeting, the objective of which is to further refine the identification of hazards throughout the jurisdictional area and rank areas for future flood and hazard studies. FEMA will then make a determination based on available funding for what flood/hazard studies will take place in the coming year. The result of this process may include updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps, risk analysis of other hazards, a flood risk report, and a flood risk database containing several datasets including a flood depth and analysis grid, flood risk assessment data, and areas of mitigation interest.

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