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Economic Models

Designing a Cost-Effective Network to Reach the Unserved and Underserved Communities of Alaska!

The Alaska Broadband Office designed a technology neutral model that imagines how broadband could be built in Alaska to connect internet to communities that are currently unserved and underserved. There are two parts to the project:

1. the broadband map predicting where the infrastructure could be built, and

2. the capital cost model predicting how much each project might cost.

The ABO closed the window to accept feedback to make broad changed to the map and model. However, anyone interested is welcome to download and use these files. If you have questions on how to use the map and economic model or last-minute feedback, please contact us at:

Broadband Map

The ABO map shows the potential route where broadband infrastructure could be built to connect to our rural communities, specifically those that are unserved and underserved. Follow the instructions below to access and manipulate the map.

Instructions for Download: The map is available to download as a zipped file folder. To unzip the folder, right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions. Inside the folder will be the map, available as a 'KMZ' file extension, which can be viewed in Google Earth. If you do not have access to Google Earth, download it using the link below. Once Google Earth is loaded on your device, click the “Download Broadband Map” button below. This will load the Alaska Broadband Office’s (ABO) assessment of served, unserved, and underserved locations; the major fiber locations that have been and are scheduled to be built; and dark blue lines that represent the ABO draft infrastructure map.

Last update: 7/6/2023.

Capital Cost Model

The ABO has built a model that estimates the costs of new projects to build broadband. Follow the instructions below to access and use the model.

Instructions for Download: Each unserved and underserved community has a serial number on the map above that matches a serial number on the MS Excel Broadband model. Once the KMZ file above is downloaded, please download the MS Excel Broadband model by selecting the button below (note, this requires having an MS Excel license). In the economic model, changing the information in the green cells will modify the model. If you change these variables, you will be able to immediately see the impact to the individual project as well as the projected bottom line. Follow the instructions below to access and use the model.

Download Capital Cost Model Here

Reverse Margin Operations and Maintenance Model

The ABO has built a model that evaluates, at a high level, the math associated with the cost of operating a small telecommunications provider in remote and small communities. This model is now available for public comment after being introduced in the ABO Public Meeting on March 30th.

Instructions for Download: The model inputs are the yellow cells, and the outputs are in the regal blue cells with bold white font. All other cells in the model are formulas. The outputs are:

1. The number of communities necessary (at an average 75 homes per community) to achieve a 15% margin; and

2. The amount of subsidies needed to support a single community at a 15% margin.

The ABO does not claim that any of the numbers in the model match any real-world applications. The ABO further encourages reviewers to input numbers that reflect their own experiences into the model. Please contact the Alaska Broadband Office with any mathematical errors found and we will apply any necessary corrections.

Download Reverse Margin Operation and Maintenance Model Here

Last update: 2/2/2023.