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Community Database Online

Public Query System:   Address Lists

 Note: Some issues have been reported when downloading these spreadsheets using Internet Explorer (IE), if you experience problems try using another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Excel spreadsheets with lists of addresses:

  • Municipal Government Addresses - This spreadsheet contains addresses for the municipal governments in the State of Alaska. (Last Updated 8-11-17)
  • Alaska School Districts - This spreadsheet contains addresses, school superintendents, emails, and websites. (Last Updated 6-23-2017)
  • Federally Recognized Tribes - This spreadsheet contains addresses for the Federally Recognized Tribes in Alaska and the name of the tribal chief or executive officer.  (Last Updated 2-09-2018)
  • Native Corporations - There are a large number of village corporations in Alaska. This list does not include native corporations which may have dissolved or merged with a regional corporation, nor does it include a complete list of historic villages sites. This list represents the data that is currently in the community online database. For additional information please see the Alaska Native Regions search page. (Last Updated 1-29-16 )
  • Communities with Borough and Incorporation Type - This spreadsheet contains a list of communities in the community online database. Column B has the incorporation types and column C has the name of the borough or census area where each community is located. (Last Updated 3-17-17)
  • All Addresses - This spreadsheet contains addresses for for all entities in the community online database. Column B has the Entity types. It is recommended that you filter the data by column B if you are looking for a particular type of entity. (Last Updated 6-15-17 )

Update community contact information -If you find that community or contact information needs to be updated please click on this link to enter the corrected information.