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Offices Closed to Public

The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development offices are closed to the public at this time. We are still open for business and encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

Municipal and Community Policy & Research Section

Alaska Native Language and Preservation & Advisory Council (ANLPAC)

The Alaska Native Language Preservation & Advisory Council provides recommendations and advice to both the Governor and Legislature on programs, policies, and projects; and to network and advocate in support of the Council’s mission.


Mapping, stores and distributes digital maps produced in DCRA`s community profile mapping partnerships. Specialty GIS map products, research, data and community profile information maps are some of the services available to Alaskan local governments, State and Federal agencies, private sector firms and the public to use for development and land management efforts. Click the links below to go to our map resource pages.

Local Boundary Commission (LBC)

The Local Boundary Commission was created by the Constitution of the State of Alaska to ensure that arguments for and against proposals to create or alter municipal governments are analyzed objectively, and take areawide and statewide needs into consideration. The commission’s role is to receive, review, and make final decisions on petitions for annexation, incorporation, detachment, reclassification, dissolution, merger, and consolidation of municipal governments.

Municipal Land Trust

The Municipal Land Trustee Program was created to carry out the requirements of Section 14(c)(3) of ANCSA that provided that every village corporation must reconvey title to "the remaining improved land on which the Native village is located, and as much additional land as is necessary for community expansion, and appropriate rights-of-way for public use, and land for other foreseeable community needs." These lands were to be transferred to the appropriate municipal corporation (a first or second class city) where one exists, or otherwise the "State in trust for any municipal corporation established in the Native village in the future."

Office of the State Assessor

The mission of the Office of the State Assessor (OSA) is to advise and assist municipalities on assessment and taxation issues, develop the annual Full Value Determination (FVD), provide taxation and assessment education, administer the Senior Citizen and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Program, and monitor municipal assessment and taxation practices and procedures.

Research and Analysis (R&A)

The Research and Analysis Section provides community information resources and conducts research studies to support local government development, community planning, local capacity building, and rural policy development.