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Initial Report Online Filing


General Online Filing Instructions

Check Your System

  • For online filing to work properly your computer must have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser.

Be Prepared

  • Gather all the necessary information before you begin online filing. The system will expect you to move through the online filing process in a smooth and timely manner without interruptions or delays.

During Filing

  • Do not use the BACK or FORWARD buttons. This will cause you to lose information and you will need to start all over.
  • Move through in a smooth and timely manner. If you take too long, due to interruptions or delays, then you may be timed out and will need to start over.

Before Payment

  • Review, check, and re-check your data entry and spelling for accuracy.
  • Note: some special characters or symbols may not be accepted.
  • If you choose to file and pay online, then complete the entire filing process online.
  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT print and mail in the online version of the filing with payment instead of paying online. This type of filing will be denied; online filings contain a perjury statement that is very specific for online filings and can only be accepted when completed online.


  • Corporations Payment and Refund Policy
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • If payment is denied:
    • Check your data entry and spelling; does the information provided correspond with the credit card.
    • Check with your credit card company.

After Payment

  • You will receive confirmation when your online filing has successfully completed.
  • Filing will immediately be filed for record and are non-refundable.
  • Filings will post immediately on the web.
  • Filings/certificates are immediately available to print from the web.
  • Do not duplicate the filing or payment by submitting it hardcopy (paper).

Online Filings Are Non-Refundable

Online Filing Mistake?

Charged But No Filing?

  • On very rare occasions, when there is an interruption to the internet during an online filing or payment, a charge to the credit card may occur without a filing successfully being filed for record. When this occurs the online filing system will notify you and this office. Check your email and watch your credit card statement for a refund in a few days.


Hardcopy / Paper Filing

We encourage corporations to file online, but we understand if you would prefer to file paper reports instead. In order to file hardcopy, please begin with our Initial Report Application / Database. The processing time for hardcopy filings and payments submitted by fax or US Mail may vary:

  • October-February: Expect delays greater than 15 business days.
  • March-September: Standard processing time of 10-15 business days.

Do not email payments or filings.
For security reasons, do not email filings, payment, or other confidential information.