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File a Consumer Complaint

Before You File

  • First attempt to resolve the problem by contacting your insurance company or agent.
  • Review How We Can Help.
  • Next contact our Consumer Services section if the problem is still not resolved.
  • If your issue is within our regulatory authority, we'll direct you to file a complaint.

Ready to File?

There are two options:

*Normal complaints take approximately 45 working days to complete. If your complaint requires more time, we will notify you.

  1. File a Consumer Complaint Online
    Attention Providers: Provider complaints will not be accepted on the Consumer Complaint Form. If you would like to file complaint, please visit the Provider Complaints web page.
  2. Do you prefer to mail or fax your consumer complaint? Use the complaint form linked here. Be sure to attached the required documentation.
    • Within two weeks of filing, you should receive an acknowledgement letter stating your file number and the name of the consumer service specialist assigned to investigate your complaint.
    • The Division will send a copy of your complaint to the company or other appropriate party and ask for an explanation of their position.
    • Your specialist will review all responses received to assure the problem has been properly addressed. This may result in more communication between the examiner and the company or other parties.
    • Your specialist will send you a letter with the investigation results.*
    • If no evidence of a violation is found, the specialist will so advise and explain why the investigation is being closed.
    • If your specialist is not satisfied with the company's response, the investigation will continue.