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Development Section

The Division of Economic Development (DED) supports the growth and diversification of Alaska's economy through business assistance, financing, promotion, and public policy. The division works closely with industry leaders, allied agencies, and economic development organizations across the state, including the 10 state designated Alaska Regional Development Organizations.

Critical to the growth of Alaska’s economy is DED’s support of Alaska’s small businesses through technical assistance and the promotion of Alaska’s manufacturing sector through the Made in Alaska and Alaska Product Preference programs. Equally critical is the provision of capital to businesses that would not otherwise qualify for private-sector lending. DED currently administers revolving loan funds broadly serving Alaska’s small businesses with total assets approaching $200 million.

Showcasing Alaska’s abundant economic opportunity found in its natural resources, human capital, and emerging industries, DED actively promotes Alaska’s business climate via its Alaska: North to Opportunity campaign.

What's New at the DED?

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  • Alaska Product Preference Program
    Preferences applied to in-state bids on State contracts, or proposals in
    response to a request for proposal.
  • ARDOR Program
    Locally driven initiative, in partnership with the state and other entities,
    to stimulate economic development.
  • Made In Alaska (MIA)
    The Made In Alaska label identifies and promotes the purchase of products
    manufactured and crafted in Alaska. Products which meet program criteria
    are eligible to use the MIA logo.
  • Minerals
    The primary advocacy agency in state government promoting mineral
    exploration and development.


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