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Fisheries and seafood

Seafood Quality

Alaska seafood quality is a priority for the Office of Fisheries Development. Working in tandem with a number of agencies, research facilities and industry, OFD support projects that increase the quality of Alaska’s seafood.

There are a number of agencies and research institutions working vigorously to enhance and improve the quality of seafood.

Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center through the University of Alaska - Fairbanks, is a leader in seafood product research. The Center has a state-of-the art facility located on Kodiak Island in the heart of Alaska’s Gulf fishery.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has been a champion of promoting quality seafood for all producers.

The Marine Advisory Program, another University of Alaska program, is staffed by top notch scientists who focus a number of fisheries related projects. Among their most dedicated fields is seafood quality. You can find a Marine Advisory Office in many coastal communities.