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Made In Alaska


To be part of the Made in Alaska Program and use the logo to identify your product(s) as manufactured in Alaska, complete the Made in Alaska application and submit the it to the Made in Alaska program manager. The following hyper link will provide you with a PDF friendly Made in Alaska Application.

Retailers and Permit holders: The Division of Economic Development has a selection of marketing material to assist with promoting Made in Alaska branded products. The material is designed to educate consumers on what to look for and highlight products at marketing events or in retail outlets. For more information on obtaining any of the material, contact our office at (907) 465-2510.

Permit holders: If you are in need of an electronic emblem (mother bear and cub) for use on your product(s), email us with your permit number. If you need labels or stickers, submit your Label, Sticker, Order Form request to the address on the form. If paying by credit card, you may fax your order to the number on the form. (Do not email any credit card information.) Please be sure to provide your permit number on the form so we can follow-up promptly with your request.

Misuse of the emblem: The Made in Alaska emblem is a registered trademark of the State of Alaska. If you are aware of any misuse of the Made in Alaska emblem, contact the Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit at (907) 269-5200 or toll free at 1-888-576-2529.  You can also go to the File a Consumer Complaint website to download a PDF friendly form to submit. 

Contact our office at (907) 465-2510 or email us if you have questions or concerns.