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Alaska's Minerals and Mining Sector

Alaska’s operating mines and advanced exploration properties include open pit and underground hard rock mines, developing hard rock projects, a coal mine and several coal projects in progress, an underground placer mine, and a number of conventional placer mines, and a healthy exploration industry. Employment in the industry is a significant contributor to rural employment and economic prosperity. The value of the industry is well over $1B annually and growing rapidly. Mine production, development, and exploration projects are located throughout the state.

Core Minerals and Mining Services

The Division of Economic Development (DED) is a one-stop shop that helps stakeholders navigate the network of programs offering technical assistance and support for mineral development.

  • Coordinate state government agencies engaged in minerals and mining.
  • Provide information, economic data, contacts and technical assistant.
  • Provide support and guidance to gain social license to do business in Alaska. 

Image of Mineral Resources of Alaska map

The Mineral Resources of Alaska map is interactive and has links to related websites and pertinent data and information. To use this map click on the image and the poster-size PDF will open in Adobe. Once open, using the hand tool, click on the operating mines, major projects, other projects, and past producing mines on the landscape to open websites with relevant information, regional geology, and corporate information, as available. You may also word search the map to zoom to a specific location.

For more information about Minerals and Mining in Alaska, download our Mining brochure.

Image of Minerals and Mining in Alaska in English

Image of Minerals and Mining in Alaska in Mandarin