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AlaskaHost Pin

Artwork by Rie Muñoz

What is AlaskaHost?

AlaskaHost is a statewide customer service training program for employees of the hospitality and visitor services industry. The program trains participants how to provide quality customer service for residents and visitors to Alaska.

AlaskaHost Objectives

The objectives of the AlaskaHost class are to:

  • Understand the importance of providing quality customer service;
  • Recognize and anticipate customer needs and expectations;
  • Understand and communicate the economic value of the visitor industry to the State of Alaska;
  • Learn how to deal with dissatisfied customers in a professional, helpful manner.

Overview of AlaskaHost Customer Service Training (October 5, 2015)

State of Alaska Tourism Training Programs Workshop (October 5, 2015)

AlaskaHost Program

Completion of AlaskaHost

Upon completion of the Customer Service Essentials course, participants receive a course certificate and lapel pin, featuring the artwork of, Alaskan artist, Rie Muñoz.

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Bristol Bay Borough
Glennallen/Copper Valley

Faith L. Duncan
Tongass National Forest
(907) 228-6278

Gai Hooker
Alaska Department of Labor
(907) 228-3234

Patti Mackey
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau
(907) 225-6166

Dragon London
(907) 220-4411

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