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Board of Social Work Examiners


License Process

What is the current processing time for a license to be issued?

The duration of the license process can vary depending on the applicant and their diligence in submitting the required forms as complete and correct.

Once the application and all supporting documentation is reviewed by the licensing examiner and the packet is determined complete, it will be forwarded to the board for review. There are two methods for reviewing applications: mail ballot, and during a regularly scheduled board meeting.

In order to reach a majority vote, 3 of the 5 board members must vote as approved. The standard review period to complete a mail ballot is 15-25 business days. If the next scheduled board meeting is more than 2 months away, the packet would be forwarded to the Board by mail ballot.

If the next scheduled board meeting less than 1 month away, then there would not be enough time to reach a majority vote via mail ballot and the packet would be reviewed during the subsequent board meeting. After the meeting, it is division policy that staff follow up with board business within 10 days of returning to the office.

Is there anything I should know before I begin the license application process?

Please send all documentation to our office via certified mail, with a return receipt. This will eliminate any confusion on if your documentation has been received or not.

You may want to collect the completed reference and supervision forms from the appropriate individuals and mail them via certified mail with your initial application packet - rather than having the references and supervisors send them into our office directly. This will also help eliminate any confusion on if the forms have been received or not.

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