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Interactive Tools

The Alaska Broadband Office and the Federal Communications Commission have developed several interactive tools to encourage citizen engagement in the planning and mapping of Alaska's future broadband networks. While not all of these tools are still accepting public input, they remain available for and Alaskan interested in designing or costing a possible network build.

Reverse Margin Operations and Maintenance Model

The ABO has built a model that evaluates, at a high level, the math associated with the cost of operating a small telecommunications provider in remote and small communities.

Instructions for Download: The model inputs are the yellow cells, and the outputs are in the regal blue cells with bold white font. All other cells in the model are formulas. The outputs are:

1. The number of communities necessary (at an average 75 homes per community) to achieve a 15% margin; and

2. The amount of subsidies needed to support a single community at a 15% margin.

The ABO does not claim that any of the numbers in the model match any real-world applications. The ABO further encourages reviewers to input numbers that reflect their own experiences into the model. Please contact the Alaska Broadband Office with any mathematical errors found and we will apply any necessary corrections.

Download Reverse Margin Operation and Maintenance Model Here
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Test Your Internet Speed Here

Curious how fast your internet is? The Alaska Broadband Office is asking Alaskans to run an internet speed test on their home devices to see how real internet download and upload speeds vary locally. To run the speed test, click on the button below.

Test Your Internet Speed Here.
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To submit your speed test, take a screenshot of the results and email it to us along with your zip code. Any questions or submissions should be sent to:

Mobile Wireless Connections

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently verifying the accuracy and reliability of mobile broadband coverage nationwide. Learn more about downloading the FCC Speed Test App to your mobile device by clicking on the button below.

FCC Speed Test.
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