Small Business Assistance Center

Thinking about starting or growing a business?

The Small Business Assistance Center provides direction for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing businesses in Alaska. The following links will guide you to helpful business resources:


Multiple events and training opportunities happen around the state year round. Take a look at the links below to find a suitable event or training opportunity that may fit your needs:

Alaska's Marketing Support Programs
Alaska's Preference Programs

Doing business with the State of Alaska: Learning how to do business with the state can be a great opportunity to expand your business and increase sales. The first thing you should do if you're an Alaskan business is review the "preference" programs for the product(s) or service preferences' that may apply to your business. Click one of the preference portals below. Next, notify the state by filling out a "bidders application form" and submitting it to the appropriate contact.  

For information on dealing with federal contracting:

Financing Your Small Business

To find funding assistance to launch your business, buy machinery, purchase equipment for your boat or plane can be difficult and time consuming. Depending on your needs, loan programs through the state or its partners may be able to assist:

For-Profit Businesses
Licenses, Permits, Forms
Business Taxes & Tax Information
Market Your Business
Alaska Industries
Non-Profit Businesses
Target Market Research


For free counseling to develop and fine tune your business or marketing plan, visit the Alaska Small Business Development Center or the Cooperative Extension Service nearest you.