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List of AOGCC's publicly available datasets and web applications.

Coordinates reference to NAD 27.

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Data Extract

Updated: Monthly

Public Database extract made available in Access.

NOTE: For Google Chrome users, if prompted with "can't be downloaded securely", just click on the arrow next to "Discard", then click "Keep".

Data Miner 3

Provides well info and history, including their production and injection records as well as facility info and their Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) records.

Updated: Weekly

Hydraulic Fracturing Permit Applications

Updated: Weekly

Well File Images Database

AOGCC's Laserfiche® database containing well history files.

Updated: Weekly


Completed Reports are received within 60 days after completion and processed on a weekly basis.

Updated: Weekly


Browse and search for various types of Orders – Area Exemption Orders (AEO), Area Injection Orders (AIO), Conservation Orders (CO), Disposal Injection Orders (DIO), Enhanced Recovery Injection Orders (ERIO), Storage Injection Orders (SIO), and Other Orders (OTHR). Enforcements and violations can be found within Other Orders.

Updated: Weekly


We have transitioned to FTPS - please update your protocols. You will not be able to use your web browser to connect anymore. Click here for instructions on how to connect to the FTP-Secure site.

Username: puboil | Password: aogcc.201


Updated: Weekly

Release Dates and Extensions

Updated: Yearly

Digital Well Log Files

Digital data from wells drilled on State lands can obtained by contacting AOGCC Customer Service.

NOTE: Please submit a completed Data Request Form attached to your email request.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented in the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's Oil and Gas Information System is derived from our public well and production files and databases. The source documents in the Commission's files remain the official record. The Commission provides this information as a convenience to the public, with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete. The information presented here is not suitable for site-specific decision-making such as determining well courses, or for making financial or any other commitments. The Commission assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions and makes no express or implied warranties with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of these products or their appropriateness for any user's purposes. To assist the Commission in the maintenance of this information, users should document errors, discrepancies, or omissions and report them to the Commission.

For general questions or data inquiries, email us at or call (907) 279-1433.

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