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Financial Documents Delivery System

Welcome to the Financial Documents Delivery System

Every city and borough in Alaska is required under state law (AS 29.20.640) to annually submit its current annual budget and audit to the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. For nearly four decades these critical financial records have been collected and used by Division of Community & Regional Affairs staff to implement various financial assistance programs, provide local government technical assistance, and advise state agencies and officials regarding local fiscal conditions. In response to increasing demand for copies of these financial documents, the Division of Community & Regional Affairs has designed the Financial Documents Delivery System. Now access to every municipal budget and year-end financial statement submitted to the Division is available with a simple click of a button.

Municipal budgets are the annual adopted operating budgets for each municipality and date back to FY2000. The year-end financial statements date back to FY1998 and consist of either an audit or city-prepared financial statement certified as true and complete by the local governing body. The Division of Community & Regional Affairs does not adjust these documents in any manner and is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of municipal financial records. The Financial Documents Delivery System is updated throughout the year as financial records are scanned and posted in the form and condition in which they are received.


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