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Planning & Land Management

Welcome to the Community Plans and Infrastructure Libraries

In an ongoing effort to improve community information, the Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) is undergoing a significant renovation to the resource previously known as the Plans Library. The Plans Library outgrew itself due to overwhelming submissions of community plans, infrastructure documents, and other community documents.

To improve the organization, presentation, and professionalism of the reference resource, the Plans Library has been subdivided into the following two independent reference libraries. The new reference libraries contain significantly different types of documents, but are still both searchable by community, region, year, or document type. Please review the brief descriptions below, click on the specific library that best fits your information needs, and update your bookmarks accordingly.

Community Plans Library

The Community Plans Library (CPL) contains standard community planning documents including comprehensive, capital improvement, land use, strategic, transportation, vision, and other community planning documents.

Community Infrastructure Library

The Community Infrastructure Library (CIL) contains a variety of community infrastructure and project development documents for bulk fuel, energy, marine, multi-use, sanitation, washeteria, and other public services.

Alaska Regions

Revised 04/05/2022