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Division of Community & Regional Affairs

Research & Analysis

The Research and Analysis Section provides community information resources and conducts research studies to support local government development, community planning, local capacity building, and rural policy development.

Click on the links below for information about a specific Community

Community Database Online
Provides comprehensive information for each community.
Community Aid and Accountability Status Reports
Provides revenue sharing information for each community.
Community Status Report
Report on seven indicators for over 500 community entities.
(Now displayed at the bottom of the CDO for each community.)
Community Photo Library
Provides scenes of Alaska communities.
eGrants Online Database
Provides DCRA grant data reports.
Community Maps
Provides community maps that can be downloaded.
Financial Document Delivery System
Municipal budgets, audits and financial statements.
Ruba Quarterly Reports
Status reports of the utilities in each rural community.
For More Information about the Research & Analysis Section contact:
Manjula Boyina

Division of Community and Regional Affairs
Phone: 907-269-7959
Email: Research and Analysis