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Population Adjustment

The Director determines funding for Municipalities eligible to receive state revenues for a fiscal year based on their estimated population established by the state demographer. If a Municipality believes its population estimate does not reflect its permanent resident population as of July 1 of the current fiscal year, the Municipality has until April 1 to request an adjustment to the estimated population sent by the director. The communities can select either the Housing Unit Method (HUM) or the Head Count Census (HCC) method to conduct the estimate. Municipalities with population less than 1,000 must use the HCC and those with population of greater than 1,000 may use either method. The most current HUM and HCC manuals are available on the Mapping, Analytics, and Data Resources Publications page.

If you require more information about the HUM, the HCC, or recent population estimates, please contact The most recent DCCED certified population counts are available on the Community Database Online.

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