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The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED) published a 5-year Statewide Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) in October 2022. Funded by the Economic Development Administration, this economic development strategy leveraged a locally based, regionally driven, state connected planning process. The 2022-2027 Statewide CEDS identifies the current state of the economy, addresses strategies to improve Alaska's economic resilience, and provides a roadmap for future economic growth.

DCCED partnered with the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development (UACED) to perform the background research, facilitate the public process, and draft the document, with the Alaska Development Team within the Governor’s Office providing high-level direction and guidance. Public outreach for the CEDS took place between January and June 2022 and involved a wide range of stakeholders - local and regional leadership, industry and business representation, Tribal representation, learning institutions, and regional economic development organizations, including Alaska Regional Development Organizations (ARDORs). A Strategy Committee made up of state leaders from business, government, and the nonprofit sector provided strategic guidance throughout the CEDS development.

Many regions throughout Alaska have a CEDS or some version of a regional economic development strategy. The Statewide CEDS is not meant to replace any regional strategies; instead, it provides a coordinated, high-level economic strategy for the entire state. Most of the state’s industries span more than one region, as do its foundational gaps like affordable housing. In these cases, collaborative statewide strategies are necessary to make progress. Although developed by state government, the Alaska Statewide CEDS is designed to be used broadly by anyone working to strengthen the Alaska economy.

Click each link below for access to the 2022-2027 Statewide CEDS Report as well as supplemental Appendices A-H:

The 2022-2027 Statewide CEDS replaced the previous CEDS titled Northern Opportunity: Alaska's Economic Development Strategy. This 2017-2022 Plan was the first Statewide CEDS developed for Alaska.