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Business Licensing

Business License and Tobacco Endorsement Renewals

For additional information see Business Licensing FAQs (#9 What if my business license has expired?)

Forms & Fees

The Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing makes available the following forms for use. In many cases, these forms meet just the minimum statutory and regulatory requirements. Although every effort is taken to ensure the forms comply with Alaska statutory and regulatory requirements, they should not be used in lieu of proper legal guidance from an attorney or other licensed professional.

General Instructions:

  • Scroll down to view forms.
  • For immediate processing, click the Online Icon icon next to the appropriate document below to file online (if available).
  • To file hardcopy, click the PDF Icon icon. Processing time for hardcopy filings is normally 10-15 business days, with the exception of renewal periods (Oct.-Dec.) when processing time may take longer.
  • If you have previously submitted your filing do not duplicate the process and payment. Please allow appropriate processing time.
  • Do not email filings. For security reasons do not email filings, payment or other confidential information.
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Business License Forms & Fees

Online Icon PDF Icon New Alaska Business License Application 08-4181 $50.00
Online Icon PDF Icon Renew an Alaska Business License  08-4617 $50.00
  PDF Icon Business License Change of Address 08-4054 NO CHG
  PDF Icon Reduce Multiple Business Licenses (New 11/29/2014)
08-4642 NO CHG
  PDF Icon Request for Duplicate Business License 08-4080 $5.00
  PDF Icon Business License Owner Name Amendment 08-4104 $5.00
  PDF Icon Business License Verification Request 08-4625 $20.00
  PDF Icon Credit Card Payment Authorization 08-4438  

Business Name Reservation

File to temporarily protect the business name for 120 days while a business is getting organized. For more information go to How to Register or Reserve a Business Name.
Online Icon PDF Icon New Business Name Reservation
08-559 $25.00

PDF Icon Renew a Business Name Reservation 08-4698 $25.00

PDF Icon Transfer a Business Name Reservation 08-4699 $25.00

Business Name Registration

File for exclusive rights to a business name for five years. A business license is required. For more information go to How to Register or Reserve a Business Name.
Online Icon PDF Icon Business Name Registration (Exclusive rights to a DBA name for five years. A business license is required first.)

Note: If you are an entity on record with the Corporation Section then the entity’s name is automatically registered with exclusive rights and may only require a DBA business name registration if they are engaging in business under a different business name than the entity’s name on record.

08-557 $25.00

PDF Icon Business Name Registration Renewal
(Renew in the fifth calendar year between October 1st and December 31st before expiration.)
08-560 $25.00