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The Division investigates matters pertaining to business licenses, endorsements, and licensed professionals. Please be aware that not all issues will fall within our jurisdiction and you may have to contact other agencies for assistance. We encourage you to call our office prior to submitting a complaint to ensure that we are able to assist you. Check our Complaint FAQ for advice and answers to many questions about filing a complaint.

Businesses and Endorsements

If a business is operating without a business license, improperly licensed, or without the required endorsement, we may be able to assist you. To see if a business has a license and/or an endorsement, check our business license search.


If you would like to file a complaint against a licensed or unlicensed professional, please check the list of regulated professions to ensure the complaint falls within our jurisdiction.

To see if someone is professionally licensed or if an existing licensee has disciplinary action, you can use the professional license search. Disciplinary actions will be notated in the license detail.

Other Information

Special Note Regarding Landlords

This office cannot take action against landlords and/or property managers for contractual disputes such as security deposits, rent due, evictions, etc. Please view the Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act.

Investigative Process

Learn what happens after a complaint is filed:

To initiate a complaint against a business or professional, and to see if your complaint falls within our jurisdiction, fill out the request for contact form and email it to Investigations@Alaska.Gov.

Contact Us

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