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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

Registration Instructions and Forms

Creating an Account in the PDMP

Mandatory registration with the Alaska PDMP applies to actively licensed practitioners who hold a Drug Enforcement Administration registration number valid to use in any state or practice location, and pharmacists who dispense federally scheduled II – IV controlled substances in the state.

Create an account by visiting Alaska.PMPAware.Net. Click on "Create an Account" and complete all required information. Be sure to verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to you from the email address. Click HERE to see a sample of this email.

You will receive an email when your PDMP access has been granted. If you change employers (or will no longer have access to your login email) you must change your email login prior to the change of employment. If you need assistance, contact your licensing board.

If your DEA registration number changes, you must complete the DEA Status Change Notification form. This form can be initiated online via the MY LICENSE self-service portal, or by submitting to your licensing board by hard copy mail, fax, or email.

Additional Instructions for Registration:

You must register using the name exactly as it appears on your professional license. If you have an alphanumeric license number, be sure to include both letters and numbers.


The following forms may also be initiated online via the MY LICENSE self-service portal.

PDMP Record Request Forms