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2024 Health Insurance Survey

Alaska Statute 21.06.110 requires the director to annually report “statistical information regarding health insurance, including the number of individual and group policies sold or terminated in the state” and “the annual percentage of health claims paid in the state that meets the requirements of AS 21.36.495(a) and (d).” For 2024, the division continues to use the web-based application rolled out in 2021. A copy of the legacy EXCEL file is provided as a resource to be used offline but must not be submitted.

In addition, the Division reminds health care insurers that they must include a certificate of compliance regarding grievances per 3 AAC 28.932(e)(1) with their response to this survey. Bulletin B18-10 notified insurers and described the process of submitting a certificate of compliance related to utilization review procedures (3 AAC 28.916) in SERFF by May 1. The division will also accept this required document as an email attachment to by May 1, 2024.

To comply with these requirements, all insurers licensed to transact health insurance business in Alaska must respond with a completed web survey and emailed/SERFF filed certificate(s) of compliance (if applicable), or a statement that your company reported no direct premiums or paid claims on their annual statement by email ( to the division by May 1, 2024.