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About Us

The Alaska Division of Insurance is a regulatory agency headed by the Director of Insurance. Our most important function is consumer protection, which includes oversight of the financial conditions of insurers.

The division participates in drafting insurance laws and regulations and analyzes market data to develop more effective insurance regulation in Alaska.

Consumer Services and Investigations

We investigate consumer inquiries and complaints against insurance companies and agents to help ensure fair treatment. We also work to ensure consumers have the tools to evaluate and purchase insurance products that are appropriate for their needs.

Investigators look for potentially fraudulent activity, including claimant, agent, insurer, medical care provider, and workers' compensation fraud, leading to civil administrative actions and criminal convictions.

Policy Forms and Rates

We monitor the policy forms that insurers use for conformity with statutory standards, to confirm that policy language properly reflects the benefits under the policy and is not deceptive or misleading. We evaluate premium rates to confirm that premiums are not excessive, inadequate, or unfairly discriminatory.

Licensing, Compliance, and Financial Oversight

We license companies and agents to conduct business in Alaska and monitor their compliance with insurance laws and regulations.

We monitor the solvency of insurers operating in Alaska to ensure they are able to pay claims.

Participation in the NAIC

Alaska participates in a state-based national insurance regulatory framework designed to protect policyholders and to serve the greater public interest through the effective regulation of the US insurance marketplace.

Through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), state insurance regulators establish national standards and best practices, conduct peer reviews, and coordinate their regulatory oversight to better protect the interests of consumers while ensuring a strong and viable insurance marketplace.

Insurance regulators also participate in the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on major standard-setting initiatives, including working with fellow regulators from around the world to better supervise cross-border insurers, identifying systemic risk in the insurance sector, and creating international best practices.