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Business Licensing

Licensing and State Bidding FAQs


The processing time for filings submitted to this Division may not fall within the timeframe requirements of the bidding process and awarding the bid. This Division encourages you to consider the bidding requirement timeframes against this Division’s licensing requirements and processing timeframes. This Division does not provide expedited filing services.

How do I coordinate state bidding requirements WITH the licensing requirements of this Division?

The Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing does not regulate the procurement or bidding process.

The bid request will designate the Alaska Business Licensing and/or Professional Licensing requirements for the purposes of the bidding process.

The licensing and filing requirements for this Division, which may be in addition to or supersede the bidding requirements, can be found in the statutes and regulations of each section within this Division. Generally, the State of Alaska requires the following to conduct business in the State of Alaska:

Professional Licensing Section:

Before engaging in a business practice regulated under Alaska Statute Title 8 (AS 08) you must obtain a professional license. If applicable, apply to the State of Alaska, Professional License Section for an Entity Professional License for corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, or an Individual Professional License.

For additional professional license information and forms, including a list of business practices which require professional licensing with this Division, go to Professional License Section. For specific professional licensing questions please contact the appropriate Professional Licensing Examiner.

NOTE: If a professional license is required the Alaska Business License application must be submitted by hardcopy (online filing is not available for an initial business license with a professional license requirement) and the professional license number must be provided on the Alaska Business License application.

Corporation Section

The corporation/entity may need to be on record with the State of Alaska, Corporations Section. To receive an Alaska Entity Number the entity will need to file with the Corporations Section.

A few exemptions for foreign (non-Alaskan) entities from filing with the Corporations Section exist under State of Alaska corporation statutes; however these exemptions may not exist under Professional Licensing Statutes, procurement statutes, or other program statutes, which supersede corporation exemptions. For more information regarding corporation statutes on foreign entity exemptions go to Exemptions FAQs. (Note: If one or more of the exemptions applies, the entity must provide a statement with their hardcopy Alaska Business License application stating: what the entity’s business activities are; exactly which statute(s) the entity is exempt under; and how the exemption(s) relates to the entity’s business activities.)

For additional information and forms go to Corporation Section. For corporation questions please contact the appropriate Corporation Examiner based on the first letter of your entity’s name.

NOTE: If required, the Alaska Entity number must be provided on the Alaska Business License application.

Business Licensing Section

Before engaging in business activity, per AS 43.70.020, you must obtain a business license.
Per 12 AAC 12.020(c) A business that receives revenue from the performance of contracts with the State, its political subdivisions, or the federal government is not exempt from the business licensing requirements of AS 43.70 and this chapter.
In addition, per AS 43.70.020(d) if a professional license and/or corporation registration is required (see item # 1 and #2 above), these requirements must be met before being entitled to a business license. If applicable, the Alaska Entity Number and the Professional License Number must be provided on the Alaska Business License application.
For additional Business License information and forms go to Business License Section.

Licensing Processing Times

  • This Division does not provide expedited filing services.
  • Hardcopy filings submitted to this Division are date stamped and processed in the date order received. Applications must be complete and compliant prior to filing for record. Standard processing time is 10-15 business days; however, during heavy business licensing filing seasons the processing time will be delayed.
  • Online filings, when available, are immediately filed for record unless flagged for examiner review. If an online filing is flagged for examiner review, standard hardcopy processing time will be applied.

Please consider the above different filing methods if you need to coordinate filings with more than one Section within this Division. Hardcopy filings to multiple Sections may be filed at the same time to obtain the same Date Stamp received. Filings, upon review by an examiner to determine compliance, are filed for record based on the date they were received complete and compliant.

This Division does not provide legal advice. The information contained within these webpages is provided for your convenience and is not to be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to know what your registering, reporting and filing requirements are based on your specific business activities. Not knowing what is expected of you may not preclude you from the legal obligation to meet these requirements and compliance with the law. You are encouraged to seek the advice of a professional, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and/or Attorney if you need additional assistance.

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