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Non-Profit, Religious, and Cooperative Biennial Reports due 7/2/2018 will be available for early filing April 2.

File early and online for immediate posting.

Forms & Fees

The Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing makes available the following forms for use. In many cases, these forms meet just the minimum statutory and regulatory requirements. Although every effort is taken to ensure the forms comply with Alaska statutory and regulatory requirements, they should not be used in lieu of proper legal guidance from an attorney or other licensed professional.

Do not email payments or filings.
For security reasons, do not email filings, payment, or other confidential information.

For existing entities, the following are available online online icon for immediate processing:

Click here to Create a New Business Corporation, NonProfit or LLC Online online icon for immediate processing. Note: All other entity type creations must file by hardcopy. Scroll down to print hardcopies of forms.

Forms and Online Filings:

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    Find Forms by EVENT Type