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The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development offices are closed to the public at this time. We are still open for business and encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

Alaska Native Language Preservation Advisory Council

Language Programs

Please note: This is the most recent data we have. If your tribal, or non-profit, or college, or individual programs are not included, please invite someone from that group to complete our survey. Click here to take the Language Program Survey 

If your school program is not included, please invite the appropriate person with your school to complete our survey. Click here to take the Schools Language Program Survey

Ahtna Country
Ahtna Country
  • Ahtna Heritage Foundation: Language Documentation Program. Glennallen, AHF Office.
  • C’ek’aedi Hwnax “Legacy House” (Ahtna Cultural Center), Ethnographic & Linguistic Archive. Copper Center, Alaska. 1500 recordings in Ahtna and English.
  • Kenai Peninsula College: Ahtna Language distance learning classes
Anchorage Area
  • Ahtna language lessons weekly, at Ahtna, Inc. in Anchorage
  • Alaska Native Charter School
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: Urban Eskimo Revitalization Project: Teacher training and instruction in Central Yup’ik and Iñupiaq languages
  • College Gate Elementary, Yup'ik Immersion, Anchorage School District
  • Cook Inlet Native Headstart, Yup’ik immersion program
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Clare Swan Headstart, Yup’ik immersion
  • Iñupiaraagvik Isagviŋmi, Anchorage Inupiaq Language Circle
  • Iñupiaq Phrase of the Day
  • Unanam Tunuu (Aleut) Wednesday noons and Thursday evenings, Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
Arctic Slope Region
Arctic Slope Region
  • Arctic language website assessment & teaching & learning policy
  • Rosetta Stone, North Slope Iñupiaq, levels 1-3
  • ICC-Alaska Education Steering Committee includes starting Iñupiaq / Yup’ik immersion
  • Ilisaqativut, Iñupiaq language intensives
Bering Straits Region
Bering Straits Region
  • Aniguiin School, Elim, BSSD, Inupiaq and Yup’ik languages
  • Brevig Mission School, BSSD, Inupiaq language
  • Ilisaqativut, Iñupiaq language intensives
  • Koyuk-Malimiut School, Koyuk, BSSD, Inupiaq and Yup’ik languages
  • Nome, Kawerak – Eskimo Heritage Program language project: Inupiaq, Central Yup’ik, and St. Lawrence Island Yupik languages
  • Nome, Inupiaq language pre-school scheduled for fall, 2018; Kawerak and Nome Public Schools
  • Nome, Norton Sound Education Working Group (Language & Culture)
  • Nome, Strategic Planning Committee for Bering Straits languages
  • Nome Elementary School, Nome Public Schools, Inupiaq language
  • Shishmaref School, BSSD, Inupiaq language
  • Shishmaref School, upcoming Inupiaq language nest, fall 2018, Kawerak
  • Anthony A. Andrews School, Saint Michael, BSSD, Yup’ik language
  • Tukurngailnguq School, Stebbins, BSSD, Yup’ik language
  • James C. Isabell School, Teller, BSSD, Inupiaq language
  • Unalakleet: BSSD Bilingual Bicultural Dept. Program
Central Yup’ik / Yugtun Country
Central Yup’ik Yugtun Country
  • Akiachak, Yupiit School District, Yup’ik language
  • Aleknagik School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Atmautluak, Joann A. Alexie Memorial School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Bethel, Ayaprun Immersion Charter School, LKSD (1995 to present), Yup’ik language
  • Akiachak, Yupiit School District, Yup’ik language
  • Aleknagik School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Atmautluak, Joann A. Alexie Memorial School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Bethel, Ayaprun Immersion Charter School, LKSD (1995 to present), Yup’ik language
  • Chevak School, Kashunamiut School District, Cup’ik language
  • Ekwok, William “Sonny” Nelson School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Hooper Bay School, LYSD, K-3 Yup’ik Early Total Immersion program
  • Igiugig Yup’ik language program, ANA Language Preservation grant
  • Kasigluk, Akiuk Memorial School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Kasigluk-Akula, Akula Elitnaurvik, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Koliganek School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Kongiganak, Ayagina’ar Elitnaurvik, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Kwigillingok School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Manokotak, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Mekoryak, Nuniwarmiut School, LKSD, Cup’ig language
  • Napaskiak, ZJ Williams Memorial School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • New Stuyahok Chief Ivan Blunka School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Newtok, Newtok Ayaprun School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Nightmute, Negtemiut Elitnaurviat, LKSD, Yup’ik languagev
  • Nunapitchuk, Anna Tobeluk Memorial School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Oscarville, Qugcuun Memorial School, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • Quinhagak, Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat, LKSD, Yup’ik language
  • St. Mary’s School, St. Mary’s, Yup’ik language
  • Togiak School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
  • Twin Hills School, SWRSD, Yup’ik language
Chugachmiut Country
Chugachmiut Country
  • Chugachmiut Language Program: Master-Apprentice Teams, Sugt’stun language
  • Port Graham School, KPBSD, Sugt’stun language
  • Nanwalek Preschool, IRA Council, Sugt’stun language
  • Nanwalek Elementary/High School, KPBSD, Sugt’stun language
Dena’ina Fairbanks
  • Doyon Heritage Foundation: Nine Dene languages plus Iñupiaq
  • B.A. in Yup’ik language
  • B.A. in Iñupiaq language
Gwich’in Country
  • Arctic Village: 3, half-hour classes day, 1-5, middle school, high school
  • AFt. Yukon: Grades 1-5
Hän Country
Hän Country
  • Eagle, Eagle Community School, AGSD, Hän language
Holikachuk Country
Holikachuk Country
  • Elizabeth Keating, from Holikachuk/Grayling, Athabascan on FB word exchange; wants to record and have teleconference capabilities. 10-20 people speak some of the language (Dr. Beth Leonard knows of two elders who are fluent speakers of Holikachuk).
Koyukon / Denaakk’e Country
Koyukon / Denaakk’e Country
  • Allakaket School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Hughes, Johnny Oldman School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Kaltag School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Koyukuk School, Ella B. Vernetti School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Manley School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Minto School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Nulato, Andrew K. Demoski School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
  • Rampart School, YKSD, Denaakk’e language
Koniag Country
Koniag Country
  • Alutiiq Museum: Language Program
  • Kodiak Alutiiq New Words Council
  • Kodiak Alutiiq Dancers
  • website
  • website (materials)
  • Kodiak College Alutiiq Language Occupational Endorsement Certificate
  • Alutiiq Language oral history archive
  • Alutiiq Language Club
  • Alutiiq Language & Learners Facebook page
  • Kodiak High School, Alutiiq language class
  • Port Lions School: Outreach through WVOPL
  • Native Village of Afognak: Language Materials & Curriculum
  • Old Harbor: Preschool language lessons
Northwest Arctic Native Association (NANA) region
NANA Region
  • Nikaitchuat Iḷisagviat Iñupiaq Immersion School, N.V.K.
  • NWABSD Bilingual Bicultural Dept. Program
  • Village Elementary Schools, Iñupiaq language programs
  • Aqqaluk Trust –language project – Iñupiaq Rosetta Stone CD, Level One
  • Kotzebue, UAF, Iñupiaq language classes
  • Rosetta Stone, Kotzebue Sound Iñupiaq, level 1
Southeastern Alaska
Southeastern Alaska
  • Southeastern Alaska:
  • UAS Language Program and Classes
  • Angoon, Angoon School, Chatham School District, Tlingit language
  • Hoonah, Hoonah City School District, Tlingit language
  • Hydaburg School, Hydaburg School District, Haida language
  • Juneau Tlingit Language Learners
  • Juneau – Tlingit classes, free: SHI on Wednesdays, GHI on Saturdays; Juneau Library private circles on Mondays.
  • Juneau, Harborview Elementary, Tlingit Culture and Literacy
  • Juneau, Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School, Tlingit language
  • Juneau, Mendenhall River Community School, Tlingit language
  • Juneau, Floyd Drydan Middle School, Tlingit language
  • Juneau, Juneau-Douglas High School, Tlingit language
  • Juneau, Yaakoosge Daakahidi High School, Tlingit languagev
  • Juneau, Thunder Mountain High School, Tlingit language
  • Juneau – upcoming Tlingit language immersion school
  • Juneau dance groups: Wooch.een; Juneau Haida Dancersv
  • Juneau – Xaad Kil (Haida) language learners group
  • Juneau – Sm’algyax Learners Group
  • Juneau – UAS: Tlingit, Haida language classes; degrees or concentration areas.
  • Juneau – Goldbelt Tlingit language projects
  • Juneau – Sealaska Heritage Institute language projects, especially for Tlingit
  • Kake, Kake City School, Tlingit language
  • Sitka, Baronoff Elementary School, Tlingit language program
  • Sitka, Blatchley Middle School, Tlingit language programv
  • Sitka, Sitka High School, Tlingit language program
  • Ketchikan: Haida and Tsimshian languages
  • Haida Language Leaners Facebook page with over 2,000 likes.
  • Metlakatla: Gavin Hudson, Councilman, Metlakatla Indian Community; Chairman, Haayk Foundation
  • Wrangell Public School, Tlingit language
  • Yakutat, master-apprentice program, Tlingit language
  • Yakutat School, Tlingit language
  • Yakutat, language nest starting in January, 2018, Tlingit language

Tanana Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ Country

Unangax Country
Unangax Country
  • St. George, Summer Unangam Tunuu workshop, WAYK [Where Are Your Keys]
  • St. Paul School, Pribilof School District, Unangax Aleut language
  • Unalaska City School, Unangax Aleut language
Upper Kuskokwim / Dinak’i Country
Upper Kuskokwim / Dinak’i Country
Upper Tanana / Nee'aanèegn' Country
Upper Tanana / Nee'aanèegn' Country
  • Northway, Walter Northway School, Upper Tanana Athabascan language
General / Cross-Regional
General / Cross-Regional
  • Alaska Native Languages on Facebook
  • Alaska Humanities Forum: