Community Database Online (CDO) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Community Database Online?
Where can I find information about a community?

Community data, detailed profiles, contact information, maps, plans, photos, grants, budgets, audits, and more are all available online.

The CDO main page contains links to community profiles, tools to generate custom reports, downloadable contact information, and metadata. The Community Profiles, listed in alphabetical order by name, provide a wealth of information about a community and are accessed by clicking the 'Community Information' button on the CDO main page.

The public query tool, accessed by clicking the 'Communities Report' button on the CDO main page, provides the ability to generate custom reports that contain the specific data attributes related to the community/communities that interest you. For more information about generating custom reports and exporting data, see the FAQ How do I generate custom reports and export data? below.

You can find Community maps, plans, photos, grant information, and municipal financial documents by clicking the 'COMMUNITY INFORMATION' drop down located above the header picture at the top of the page. 

What is the source of the data in the CDO?
How do I generate custom reports and export data?
How do I compare multiple communities?
How do I find contact information for a community, tribe, or other entity?





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