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Welcome to Serve Alaska!


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Serve Alaska, in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), brings AmeriCorps programs to Alaska. The Serve Alaska sub-grantees operate in almost every region of the state, bringing much needed support and training to rural and urban Alaska.

This website provides information on our different programs, activities and funding opportunities.


  • 222,054 volunteers contribute 24.6 million hours of service
  • 40.6% of residents volunteer, ranking Alaska 5th among states
  • Volunteer service worth an estimated $594.7 million
  • 98.4% of residents regularly talk or spend time with friends and family
  • 50.8% of residents do favors for neighbors
  • 24.5% of residents do something positive for the neighborhood
  • 36.8% of residents participate in local groups or organizations
  • 54.9% of residents donate $25 or more to charity



The 2022 AmeriCorps Formula RFP is now open! 

2022-23 AmeriCorps State and National Formula Funded Grants

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Serve Alaska utilizes the following hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as a way to help our followers stay directly connected to information coming from our office.

  • #ServeAK -- our simple and sweet branded hashtag we use to help our followers break through the noise of social media
  • #AmeriCorpsAK -- used when sharing all-things AmeriCorps and National Service

Revised 04/08/2022