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About Serve Alaska


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Serve Alaska, the state service commission, is funded through the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) in partnership with the State of Alaska. The commission consists of no fewer than 15 and no more than 25 volunteer commissioners appointed by the governor.

Our Vision

Our vision for Alaska is a vibrant and caring community, strengthened through service and volunteerism, to problem solve and improve the lives of all Alaskans using “Service as a Solution.”

Our Mission

We seek to foster, support and promote the ethic of service and volunteerism by inviting all Alaskans to contribute their time and talents to build healthy communities through the six focus areas.

  1. Disaster Services
  2. Economic Opportunity
  3. Education
  4. Environmental Stewardship
  5. Healthy Futures
  6. Veterans and Families

The purpose of the Commission is to engage Alaskans of all ages and backgrounds in community-based service and volunteerism as a means of community and state problem solving and promoting participation in the National AmeriCorps Program.

Serve Alaska is funded through the Corporation for National and Community Service at the Federal Level. The Commission’s primary function is to oversee grants provided to local non-profit and community agencies to run national service programs. The largest single vehicle for channeling federal resources for national and community service in Alaska is through this Governor’s commission. These funds helped Alaska recruit, train, deploy 2,500 volunteers on a full and part-time basis to address locally identified needs in education, homeland security, environmental, public safety and other human needs of Alaska residents.

Annual Report

Check out the 2022 Serve Alaska Annual Report HERE.


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Commission Members

Become a Part of Serve Alaska's Commission Members!

Are you ready to make a meaningful difference in Alaska? Join Serve Alaska's Commission Members, individuals appointed by the Governor to serve three-year terms. If you're passionate about serving your community and contributing to positive change, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

For detailed information about Serve Alaska's Commission Members HERE to apply to become a Commissioner, visit the Boards & Commissions page HERE.

Take the first step towards a rewarding experience of service and leadership with Serve Alaska.

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Links of Interest

Serve Alaska Service Locations


Serve Alaska Service Locations

Click HERE to see the Web Map showing Serve Alaska program locations, number of staff, and other data for each program.


  • 222,054 volunteers contribute 24.6 million hours of service
  • 40.6% of residents volunteer, ranking Alaska 5th among states
  • Volunteer service worth an estimated $594.7 million
  • 98.4% of residents regularly talk or spend time with friends and family
  • 50.8% of residents do favors for neighbors
  • 24.5% of residents do something positive for the neighborhood
  • 36.8% of residents participate in local groups or organizations
  • 54.9% of residents donate $25 or more to charity


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Revised 09/15/2022