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File a Consumer Complaint

Before You File

  • First attempt to resolve the problem by contacting your insurance company or agent.
  • Review How We Can Help.
  • Next contact our Consumer Services section if the problem is still not resolved.
  • If your issue is within our regulatory authority, we'll direct you to file a complaint.

Ready to File?

There are two options:

Health providers:
Contact us for instructions; we do not accept the Consumer Complaint Form or an online Consumer Complaint from providers.

Phone: (907) 269-7900
Email: Insurance@Alaska.Gov

After You File

  • Within two weeks of filing, you should receive an acknowledgement letter stating your file number and the name of the consumer service specialist assigned to investigate your complaint.
  • The Division will send a copy of your complaint to the company or other appropriate party and ask for an explanation of their position.
  • Your specialist will review all responses received to assure the problem has been properly addressed. This may result in more communication between the examiner and the company or other parties.
  • Your specialist will send you a letter with the investigation results.*
  • If no evidence of a violation is found, the specialist will so advise and explain why the investigation is being closed.
  • If your specialist is not satisfied with the company's response, the investigation will continue.

*Normal complaints take approximately 45 working days to complete. If your complaint requires more time, we will notify you.