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Your Property Casualty Claims Rights

Alaska law sets out a timetable for insurers to promptly settle claims. An insurer that fails to meet requirements under the Unfair Claim Settlement Acts and Practices faces disciplinary action including the possibility of fines or revocation of the insurer’s license to sell insurance in Alaska.

Keep a record of your contact with your agent throughout the claims process, including who you talked to and when, what was discussed, etc. Follow your verbal claim notification up with written notice.

Your insurer may acknowledge your claim by paying the claim, requesting additional information, or providing contact information of the person handling your claim.

If the investigation cannot be completed within 30 working days (and the matter is not in litigation), your insurer must advise you in writing, explaining why, and the anticipated time to complete.

Your insurer must notify you every 45 days of any additional extensions required until the investigation of your claim is completed.

Filing a Claim First-Party Claims Appraisal Civil Rule 82