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Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office

AMCO requests permit applications be submitted at least 5 business days before the event, unless otherwise stated on the application by the type of event. This allows for processing and for corrections to be made to your application. We can only guarantee a review and approval/denial on a permit request submitted 5 business days before event.

All permit applications must be received at least 5 business days in advance of the event. Special events permit applications must be received at least 10 business days prior to the event date. Applications received after these deadlines cannot be guaranteed to be processed. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to the applicant for corrections.

Permit Forms

Your complete and signed permit application can be hand-delivered or emailed to AMCO staff for processing at

If you plan to pay the fees with a credit card, AMCO staff will attempt to contact you using the contact information provided on the permit application to obtain your credit card information. If you do not receive a call, please contact staff at 907-269-0350.

Please see our Permit Reference Guide for more information about the permit requirements.

If approved, your permit will be emailed to you at the address provided.
Please note that local law enforcement may charge a fee for approving any permits.

Permits for Liquor License Holders

Please review the requirements of each permit carefully. Permit applications that are on the wrong form or are for events/licenses that do not qualify will be returned to the applicant.

Caterer's Permit Application Restaurant Caterer's Dinner Permit Club License Caterer's Permit Art Exhibit Permits Entertainment Time Extension

Permits for Nonprofit Entities

The most common error AMCO sees on Special Event and Wine Auction permit applications is outdated information with Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing(CBPL). Prior to applying for a permit, we strongly encourage you to review your non-profit entity and ensure your non-profit is in good standing, officials are up to date, and if required, the entity has filed its biennial report.

AMCO will return permit applications that do not match the CBPL database. If your non-profit information is outdated, contact CBPL to file the necessary paperwork.

If you are short for time, you may include a copy of the forms submitted to CBPL with your permit application to show the updated information.

To find your entity information for Special Event and Wine Auction Permits, please visit the State of Alaska Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing Database

Special Events Permit Wine Auction Permit