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Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office

Applying for a new or transfer liquor license is a long process, involving approval from the ABC Board, Local Government and other state agencies.

Applicants should plan for a 3 to 6 month application process.

AMCO Examiners have no authority to approve or expedite an application.

Alcohol License Application Forms

Liquor Licenses must be operated at least thirty, eight hour days, each year. Licenses that did not operate for at least thirty eight hour days may not be renewed unless the ABC Board waives this requirement. Waiver applications not received in time to be reviewed by the board at its November meeting must be accompanied by a $1000.00 penalty fee.

New and Transfer License

Please follow the application instructions carefully.

Fingerprints must be submitted with each application along with the $47 per person processing fee per fingerprint card. Cards cannot be submitted electronically to AMCO. Applicants must use an approved agency to obtain fingerprints. For a list of approved agencies please visit Public Safety's website.

Alcohol Licensing Fees

Miscellaneous Forms