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Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office

2024/2025 Renewals

We are happy to announce that this is the first year you can apply for renewal of your alcoholic beverage license through myAlaska.

Reminder: If you have not yet claimed your business through AK-ACCIS, please do so now. You will not be able to submit your renewal application until we have substantiated your claim of business. Instructions for claiming your business are found here.

You may also find the paper application here.

Renewal license and application fees may be paid in three ways. 1. You may pay through AK-ACCIS by credit or debit. 2. You may call us at (907) 269-0350 to request to pay by phone or e-bill. 3. You may mail in a check (with the amount identified in AK-ACCIS or in the fees section below )or pay by credit card by mailing in an AB-31 - credit card payment form. Make your check payable to the State of Alaska or AMCO. Mail checks or your AB-31 to AMCO, 550 W. Seventh Avenue, Suite 1600, Anchorage, AK 99516. Some licenses have new fees. Please review them below.  Please do not email your credit card information.

Applications postmarked, emailed, or submitted through ACCIS later than 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, will be assessed a $500.00 non-refundable late fee in addition to the regular renewal fees, as set forth under AS 04.11.270(b)(3).

Any application and required fees not postmarked, emailed, or submitted through ACCIS by February 28, 2024, will result in expiration of the alcoholic beverage license, as set forth under AS 04.11.540.

2024/2025 Renewal Forms
Form AB-17 Renewal Application
Form AB-25 Supplier Certification for Wholesalers
Wholesale Supplier Fee Schedule
Form AB-31 Credit Card Payment Form
Form AB-33 Restaurant Receipts Affidavit
Form AB-37 Tourism Statement

New and Transfer License

  • Applying for a new or transfer liquor license is a long process, involving approval from the ABC Board, Local Government and other state agencies.
  • It is difficult to estimate processing times for applications once they are submitted to our office. Our goal is three months, but our metrics -- particularly with all of the new Title 4 Rewrite changes -- is unfortunately much longer. It has taken six to nine months for entirely new license applications. While our work is proceeding, please contact us to see what steps you can simultaneously take to speed up the issuance process (e.g., ensuring local governments will not object to your application, ensuring that all prior obligations to Department of Revenue and Labor are paid, and addressing any building requirements or necessary Fire Marshall approvals).
  • AMCO Examiners have no authority to approve or expedite an application.
  • We endeavor to decrease our review time so you can open your doors as early as possible. However, please know that submitting your application by the published board deadline does not guarantee your submission will be presented at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. The volume of applications submitted, as well as the completeness of your application, will affect the length of time it takes for your application to be deemed complete and ready to be scheduled for board consideration. 

Please follow the application instructions carefully.

Fingerprints must be submitted with each application along with the $48.25 per person processing fee per fingerprint card. Cards cannot be submitted electronically to AMCO. Applicants must use an approved agency to obtain fingerprints. For a list of approved agencies please visit Public Safety's website

New License Forms Endorsement Application Forms Transfer License Forms Miscellaneous Forms Alcohol Licensing Fees
Application and Admin Fees Fee Amount
New Application Fee $500 
Transfer Application Fee $500 
Renewal Application Fee $300 
Fingerprint Fee $48.25 (per person)
Endorsement Fee $200
Endorsement Application Fee $25
Initial Application New Multiple Fixed Counter Endorsement $1250
Business Name Change Fee (AB-13) $250
Licensed Premises Diagram Change Fee (AB-14) $250
Seasonal Alternating Premises Request (AB-35) $250
Change of Officers Application Fee (AB-39) $250
Off-Site Warehouse Storage Application Fee (AB-38) $250
Alternating Licensed Premises Application (AB-34) $250
Waiver of Operations Application (AB-29) Determined based on license history
Alcohol Server Education Course (AB-10) $800
Review of Existing Alcohol Server Education Course $250
Late fee for Alcohol Renewal $500
Reinstatement Fee for Alcohol License $1000
License Type Year Round Fee Seasonal Fee
Beverage Dispensary $2,500 $1,250
Beverage Dispensary Tourism $2,500 $1,250
Brewery Manufacturer $1250 $625
Brewery Retail $1250 $625
Club $1500 $750
Common Carrier Dispensary - Airline $1000 each airline OR $2000 for every community served Seasonal fee determined individually
Common Carrier Dispensary - NOT Airline $1000 for first 10 licenses, $100 each after Seasonal fee determined individually
Destination Resort $2500 $1250
Distillery Manufacturer $1250 $625
Distillery Retail $1250 $625
Fair $1250 $625
General Wholesale $2000
Golf Course $1250 $625
Limited Wholesale Brewed Beverage & Wine $400
Manufacture Direct Shipment $200
Outdoor Recreation Lodge $2500 $1250
Package Store $1500 $750
Pub $1250 $625
Restaurant Eating Place $1250 $625
Seasonal Restaurant Eating Place Tourism N/A (This is already a seasonal license) $1250
Sporting Activity or Event $1250 $625
Theater $1250 $625
Winery Manufacturer $1000 $500
Winery Retail $1000 $500