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Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office

Marijuana License Application

The Alcohol and Marijuana Control office (AMCO) cannot provide legal advice to applicants or licensees, nor can we advise whether you should continue your application or alter your business practices. The Department of Law is still working to evaluate what the impact of rescinding the Cole memorandum will be for Alaska. AMCO will continue to implement state law in close conjunction with the Department of Law, and as new information is available, will make every effort to inform licensees and the public.

Review and utilize the following resources as you work through the application process.

Read the Marijuana Establishment License Application Instructions

Application for a Marijuana Establishment License

If you have completed all the steps above, please click on the link below to launch the application.

Initiate Marijuana Application

This will open a new window, if a new window doesn't open, disable your pop-up blocker.

Supplemental Application Documents

Once you have initiated the application above, please select the additional supplemental forms required for your license type. For your convenience you may download and print the instructions, checklist and flow chart to keep track of the application process.

Fingerprints must be submitted with each application. Fingerprint cards cannot be submitted electronically to AMCO. Applicants must use an approved agency to obtain fingerprints. For a list of approved agencies please visit Public Safety's website.

Find the facility below for the supplemental forms required to complete your application.

Revised versions of marijuana application forms have been posted. Application documents being submitted on or after February 1, 2018 must be completed on the revised forms. Please ensure you are using the current version while completing your application forms.

Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facilities Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facilities Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturing Facilities Marijuana Testing Facilities Retail Marijuana Stores Miscellaneous Forms Transfer Forms

Submit Completed Forms

Once you have completed all your supplemental forms, please submit all your completed forms by clicking on the link below and attaching all completed forms and cover sheets at one time. Please do not send all of your documents as one PDF. Each document or form should be its own attachment. Please enter your license # in the subject line where prompted. Do not forget to attach a cover sheet to each submission.

If your attachments are too large to email please choose one of the following options:

  • Compress the files into a compressed folder (.zip) format and email.
  • Email multiple emails with the attachments, and add "Email 1 out of _" at the beginning of the subject line

Submit Supplemental Forms & Documents