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Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office

Alcoholic Beverage FAQ

AMCO does not provide legal advice. The information contained within these webpages is provided for your convenience and is not to be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to know what your licensing, reporting and filing requirements are based on your specific business activities. You must meet legal obligations to conform and comply with all requirements, and claiming not to know them is not a defense. You are encouraged to seek the advice of a professional, such as a an Attorney if you need additional assistance.

Serving Hours

During what hours may licensed businesses serve alcohol? How soon before closing time is "last call"? What are the rules for election days? Is it possible for a business to stay open after legal hours but not serve alcoholic beverages?

Importation for Personal Use

Does Alaska regulate importation for personal use? What if I want to bring alcohol from out of state when I move to Alaska? Can I have alcohol sent to me from out of state?

Legal age, Identification, and Underage Persons

What is the legal drinking age in Alaska? What is the minimum age for sellers/servers of alcoholic beverages? Under what circumstances can an underage person be present on licensed premises? Are there any exceptions to this rule? May underage persons employed on licensed premises clean tables that have containers with unconsumed portions of alcoholic beverages? I have a license which also has a restaurant designation permit. Sometimes we have live bands perform and a member of the band might be under 21 but at least 16. Can this band member be here without a parent or legal guardian? Can my child sit at the bar? Can a coach bring a team of 13-year-old kids into an establishment for pizza if it is a licensed alcohol premises? Are there any situations when an underage person can legally possess and consume alcoholic beverages? Can an underage person possess and consume non-alcoholic beer or wine? When should a licensee or licensee's employee or agent ask to see identification? What is "valid" identification? Are Tribal ID’s a valid form of identification for purchasing alcohol in Alaska? What are the penalties if an underage person attempts to use false ID to enter a licensed premises and purchase alcoholic beverages? Can a person with a restricted ID (Red Stripe) enter a licensed premises? Does everyone who enters a package store need to provide identification, or just the person purchasing?

Server Education

Can an employee use the printed receipt as proof the alcohol server education class has been completed? Does a busboy need to have an alcohol server education card? I own a liquor license, I’m the licensee. I don’t run my business and am hardly there, do I need server training? I am the licensee but I never serve alcohol, do I need to have alcohol server education? I just got here from another state. I took an alcohol server training program in that state. Why do I have to take the course again to work in the licensed beverage business in Alaska?


What are the different kinds of public licenses that operate at the retail level and what are the privileges that come with each? How do I get a liquor license? What is the difference between protesting a license and objecting to a license? How do I object to a specific liquor license? I do not have a designated premises for my license. Can I just use a caterer’s permit to operate my license? Are growler privileges available to a brewpub licensee (both for beers produced on the premises as well as beer produced by other suppliers) and for a restaurant eating place license? I have a beverage dispensary or restaurant/eating place license. Can I sell my customers a growler of beer from my taps for them to take home? Can I lease my license to another operator? When is a duplicate license required?

Caterer's Permits

When having an event with multiple vendors, more than one of which is a licensee, will one “main” caterer’s permit cover the entire event? How long can an event be held on a single caterer’s permit? Is there a limit on the number of caterer’s permits per year. Is a licensee allowed to cater alcohol service for another establishment while that applicant waits for his license to be issued?

Private Parties

What factors would determine whether or not a permit must be obtained in order to serve alcohol? My coworkers and I are having a private party at our office. Do we need a license or permit?

Nonprofit Organizations and Special Events Permits

What is required for a non-profit to get a special events permit? We are a nonprofit wanting to apply for a special events permit. Can we sell mixed drinks during our event?

Non-Licensed Establishments

I own a restaurant or an event location and would like to enable people to consume alcohol during an event. I don’t have a liquor license. Can people bring in their own wine and beer for consumption during the event?

Drink Limits, Happy Hours, and Pricing

Can I sell beer at a discounted rate for one hour if the proceeds are going to charity? What are the rules on running drink specials? Can I advertise a “Happy Hour” for appetizers? Can a package store provide promotional coupons for discounted or free alcoholic beverages? What is a standard drink? Can I include an alcoholic beverage with a meal package?

General Licensing and Enforcement Questions

Do I have to buy all my alcohol from licensed wholesalers? Can a bartender drink while on duty? If I order a bottle of wine with dinner and don't finish it, can I take it home? Can I bring my own wine to a restaurant and just pay a "corkage fee" to drink it with my meal? As an employee of a licensee, can I take like brand name items and pour from the big bottle into the little bottle? (I am a bartender, my boss buys the 1.75 liter bottles but they are too large to serve out of.) Am I criminally liable if I served a person and they get into a car accident? I own two restaurants within the same building connected by an indoor walkway. The two restaurants sell different types of cuisine. There are other stores between my two restaurants. I have a liquor license for only one of the restaurants. Can customers buy a beer from one restaurant and walk it to the other restaurant to dine there? Do I need a license or permit to make homebrew? I have a restaurant / eating place license; can I provide entertainment? When does a licensee have to surrender its license to the ABC board? Can a licensee order product prior to the initial inspection or issuance of the license? In the summer months, I want to expand our serving area to include an outdoor eating area. Can I do that? Do I really have to post the warning signs at the front door? Some people find them confusing when they enter. As a licensee, agent or employee, can I refuse to sell alcohol to a pregnant woman? Can an out-of-state manufacturer of alcohol sell directly to a retailer, or do they have to go through a distributor? Can an employee leave a bar and/or alcoholic beverage point of sale unattended? Can an off-site storage facility be in a shared warehouse? Can I give homebrewed beer away to a friend as a gift?