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Notice of Office Closure

The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development offices will be closed to the public on November 23rd and 24th. We will be closed November 23rd in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday and November 24th is an unpaid furlough day for employees to reduce state expenses.

Corporations Payment and Refund Policy

1.   Corporations Hardcopy (paper) Filings and Payment

Hardcopy (paper) applications can be printed from our website: Corporations Forms & Fees

Hardcopy applications may be submitted in-person, by mail or fax (907-465-2974).

Do not email payments: email is not secure.

  • CASH: in-person only. Cash will be accepted in-person only at either the Anchorage or Juneau offices (see below for addresses). Do not mail cash.
    • Important: when paying by cash please provide exact amount.
  • CHECK: In-person or mail. Please make your check payable to State of Alaska/CBPL.
    • Helpful Tip: put your license number or type of license applied for on the check memo line.
  • CREDIT CARD: In-person, mail or fax. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please include your application with the Credit Card Payment form. Credit card payment may be accepted in-person, mail or fax (907-465-2974). Do not email.

NOTE: Preference is payments are limited to one type (cash or check or credit card) per filing.

IMPORTANT: we encourage you to review your filing to ensure all information is correct and complete prior to submitting your filing. Some corporations filing fees are non-refundable (whether filed for record or not) per statutes and regulations and others filing fees are non-refundable once the filing has been filed for record. For more information see Corporations Refund Policy. (Item #3 below)

2.   Corporations Online (web) Filings and Payment

Online filings require credit card payment to complete and file for record. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Unless otherwise specified, online filings post immediately and are non-refundable.

IMPORTANT: you are strongly encouraged to review the data entry for the online filing to ensure all information is accurate before clicking Proceed to Payment. Once a filing has filed for record it is non-refundable. For more information, see Corporations Refund Policy.

What you can expect during online filing:

  1. During the online filing process, after you have data entered the required filing information and clicked Proceed to Payment, you will be redirected automatically to our secure payment site managed by our third-party administrator, Internet Secure.
    Internet Secure is not managed by the State of Alaska, and we cannot access it in order to assist with your payment.

    Internet Secure Trouble Shooting Tips:

    If you have trouble accessing Internet Secure, please check your computer’s security settings to allow transfers to our third-party payment administrator. In order to proceed with your online filing, please discuss with your network administrator or temporarily lower them to enable transfer to the payment site.

    If you have trouble with Internet Secure accepting your credit card the most common online payment error is the address or zip code provided does not match the address specifically associated with the credit card provided. Confirm the credit card information and re-enter. If you continue to have issues with your credit card payment being accepted you may need to contact the issuer of the credit card.
  2. After you have successful made your online payment with Internet Secure you will receive a confirmation page which will serve as your receipt, please print for your records.
  3. Next you will automatically be redirected back to our website where you may print your filed for record filing and/or certificate. If you need additional copies later, they may be printed for free by searching for your entity online at: Search Corporations Database

If you do not wish to pay by credit card via Internet Secure, please submit your filing hardcopy (paper) which you may print from our website: Corporations Forms & Fees

3.   Corporations Refund Policy

Once a filing has been filed for record the fee is non-refundable, regardless of how a filing has been submitted (hardcopy or online).

Unless otherwise specified, online filings post immediately and are non-refundable.

Some corporations filing fees are non-refundable (whether filed for record or not).

3 AAC 16.100 The nonrefundable fee for filing any instrument authorized or required to be filed under AS 10.06, AS 10.15, AS 10.20, AS 10.25, AS 10.40, AS 10.45, AS 10.50, AS 10.55, AS 32.06, or AS 32.11, that is not otherwise specified in this chapter, is $25.

For additional information please see Corporations Statutes and Regulations

Contact Us:

If you have questions you can reach us at either the Juneau or Anchorage phone numbers listed below or email us at:

Step 1: Professional Licensing Section
Step 2: Corporations Section
Step 3: Business Licensing Section

When contacting this office please direct your questions to the appropriate Section: Corporations, Professional Licensing or Business Licensing. Each Section specializes in its own licensing requirements per Alaska statutes and regulations.