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The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development offices are closed to the public at this time. We are still open for business and encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

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Explanation of Alaska Statutes: Title 29


Alaska Statutes Title 29 are laws enacted by the Alaska State Legislature that govern the organization, powers, and activities of local government. Although other State laws affect local governments, most of the statutes that provide guidance to a local government, or tell them what it can and cannot do, are found in Title 29. State and local officials should be familiar with the general content of Title 29, and should review these statutes and other available resources before enacting local laws, policies, or procedures.

The Alaska Constitution provides for a 'liberal construction' of the powers of local governments. This essentially means that if an act isn't prohibited in law, a local government is probably free to do it. This is very different from the situation in some other states where local governments have only those powers the state legislature expressly gives to them.

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Revised 12/30/2014