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Lost Life Insurance Policy

If you are unsure if a deceased relative or loved one owned a policy or you can't locate the policy, you can start by checking the following sources.

  • Contact us if you have a copy of the policy but need to locate the company.
  • Don't assume that policy benefits are gone if a life insurance company is no longer in business. The company could have changed name, merged, or been sold to another company. 

Tips to Locate Information

  • Contact attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, bankers, business associates, or any other financial advisors.
  • Contact previous employers for records of past group policies.
  • Contact insurance companies or agencies located in the community where the deceased lived.
  • Look through address books or online contact lists for any agent or insurance company listings.
  • Look for any insurance-related documents in files, safety deposit boxes, and other storage areas.
  • If you can find applications for any subsequently-issued life insurance policy, they will likely list ALL life insurance policies belonging to the person insured.
  • Talk with the insured person’s auto or homeowners insurance agent. It's possible the agent also wrote the life insurance policy you’re researching.
  • Look for checks, or cancelled checks or bank statements for automatic payments, to insurance companies.
  • Review income tax returns for the previous few years to see if there are claims for interest earned on insurance policies.
  • Check the mail for a year following the death for insurance premium or dividend notices.
  • NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Service The NAIC can assist consumers in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a deceased family member or close relationship.

Check Unclaimed Property

Generally when a life insurance company knows that an insured is deceased but cannot locate the policy beneficiaries, the company is required to turn the benefits over to a state’s unclaimed property office after three years. But it's recommended that you keep checking back periodically after this period.

Insurance Companies

Some companies offer an online search. Otherwise you will need to contact them for assistance with locating a policy.