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Made In Alaska


We are excited to announce the launch of our new online Made in Alaska portal. The purpose of this site is to provide a convenient hub for all permit holder needs.

The site is a one stop shop where you will be able to submit your renewals, make supply orders, add new products, and access all resources available for permit holders. Permit holders will be able to maintain and update profile information on the public facing Made in Alaska database, including the ability to upload photos, as well as your website and other marketing materials.

The online portal is live as of Thursday, August 20, 2020. Participation in the online portal is entirely voluntary but we hope that the platform provides all current and future permit holders a convenient and efficient mechanism to access the Made in Alaska program and services.

If you would like to request a paper or PDF copy of any of the Made in Alaska forms please contact us at

Display Cases: The Made in Alaska program has display cases in Anchorage and Whittier! If you'd like to request that your items are added to our display case, please fill out this application and submit it to us at

Retailers and Permit holders: The Made in Alaska program has a selection of marketing materials to assist with promoting Made in Alaska branded products. The material is designed to educate consumers on what to look for and highlight products at marketing events or in retail outlets.

Made in Alaska Marketing Support

Logo Style and Marketing Guide : This guide provides information on permitted uses of the Made in Alaska emblem, image specifications for designers and printers, and examples.

Misuse of the emblem: The Made in Alaska emblem is a registered trademark of the State of Alaska. If you are aware of any misuse of the Made in Alaska emblem, contact the Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit at (907) 269-5200 or toll free at 1-888-576-2529. You can also go to the File a Consumer Complaint website to download a PDF friendly form to submit.

Contact our office at (907) 269-4501 or email us if you have questions or concerns.