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An insurer or producer may not pay a commission, service fee, brokerage fee, or other valuable consideration, for selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance, to an unlicensed individual, unless exempt.

An insurer or producer may pay compensation to a person without a license as long as the person has not transacted the business of insurance and the payment does not violate AS 21.36.100 or 21.36.120.

One-Time Referral

An unlicensed person may receive compensation for referrals to a licensee if the person does not discuss specific terms and conditions of a policy, does not give opinions or advice regarding insurance, and if the referral is nominal, on a one-time basis, and fixed in amount by referral. The compensation for the referral cannot depend on whether insurance is purchased or be contingent upon volume of insurance transacted.

Deferred Commission

Renewal or other deferred commissions may be paid to a person no longer licensed if they were licensed at the time of the sale.

See AS 21.27.370.


Alaska does not allow rebating.

See AS 21.36.100.