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Continuing Education


Most resident individual licensees who have held a license for a full two-year period are required to complete 24 credit hours of continuing education (CE).

  • Credit hours must be earned and reported before your renewal date.
  • 3 credit hours must be in ethics.
  • No more than 8 credit hours may be in management, marketing, sales, and training.

Approved Courses

  • Take any approved CE course, including out-of-state and online courses.
  • Course topics can be unrelated to the lines of authority on your license.
  • Courses cannot be repeated within a renewal cycle.
  • Courses must be taken during your current renewal cycle, with the exception of approved carry-over credits.
Find Approved CE Courses

Track Your Credits

When you complete an approved course, your course provider will issue you a certificate of completion and report your CE credits to us within 10 days of course completion. 

Track CE Credits

Who is Exempt from CE?

  • Individuals issued only a temporary or limited lines license
  • Nonresident licensees who meet CE requirements in their home state
  • Individuals who have held an active Alaska resident license since 1979 or prior

Carry-Over Credits

If you earn excess credit hours during your renewal period, you may carry over up to 8 of those hours into the next renewal period.

  • Management, marketing, sales and training credits cannot carry over.
  • Ethics credits will carry over as general credits.