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Licenses with Special Requirements


Adjuster Licensing FAQs

  1. Does Alaska have any special provisions (exemptions) that apply to adjusters who may adjust catastrophic losses?
    Yes. A non-resident independent adjuster, who is not licensed in Alaska but who is licensed and in good standing in his or her home state may act as an adjuster and adjust losses arising out of a catastrophe which must be declared by the director. An unlicensed adjuster is required to comply with the Unfair Claims Trades Practices Regulations.
  2. Where can I apply for an emergency adjuster license type?
    Applications can be submitted online at If you are applying for the emergency adjuster license you must choose “Exempt Independent Adjuster” as the license class.
  3. Is there a grace period for adjusting claims in a catastrophe situation?
    Yes. AS 21.27.860 (a) allows for a 10 day “grace period”. An applicant has 10 days from the start of an investigation or adjustment in which to apply for the emergency license.
  4. How long is an exempt (emergency) adjuster license active?
    An exempt (emergency) adjuster license is effective for 90 days.
  5. If I am not licensed in my home state as an independent adjuster, can I obtain an adjuster’s license on a reciprocal basis by qualifying for licensure using another state’s resident license for my qualification?
    No, to grant a person a reciprocal adjuster license, the person must be licensed in their home state as an independent adjuster. If an individual’s home state does not offer the adjuster license class, they must qualify under AS 21.27.275, which requires them to supply fingerprint cards, pass the Alaska adjuster exam, and complete at least 24 hours of continuing education (21 general and 3 ethics credits) per renewal cycle. This would allow the licensee to claim Alaska as their DHS state. The information for this license type can be found here. Testing information is available on our website at:
  6. Can I apply for an exempt (emergency) independent adjuster license if I hold a Designated Home State Independent Adjuster License?
    No. You must be licensed and in good standing as an Independent Adjuster in your home state in order to apply for a license in Alaska.
  7. Do I need a license to act as a public adjuster?
    At present, Alaska's insurance code does not require licensing of 'public adjusters' or adjusters who handle claims on behalf of an insured, not the insurance company. The Alaska Division of Insurance does not have jurisdiction to either authorize or prohibit such activities in this state except to the extent such activities involve unfair or deceptive trade practices under AS 21.36.125, Unfair Claim Settlement Practices. While public adjusters are not required to be licensed under the insurance code, licensing may be required under other provisions of Alaska law. In particular, public adjusting may constitute the practice of law, and thus, may require a license to practice law depending on the nature and scope of the activities performed in the state. See Christiansen vs. Melinda, 857, P .2d 345 (Alaska 1993) addressing the definition of 'practice of law for civil and criminal purposes.
  8. Must an employee of an admitted insurer who adjusts claims be licensed?
    If you are a staff (company) adjuster and adjust claims on behalf of your employer, an admitted insurer, you do not need to obtain an independent adjuster license.
  9. If I adjust property or casualty claims on behalf of an insurance company and am not employed by an admitted insurer, do I need to be licensed?
    Yes, you need to obtain an independent adjuster license (AS 21.27.830).
  10. May an Alaska licensed insurance producer or managing general agent adjust claims without applying for an adjuster license if authorized by the admitted insurer?
    Yes, the producer or managing general agent may act as an adjuster and investigate, adjust and report upon claims on behalf of and as authorized by an admitted insurer that has appointed the insurance producer or managing general agent.
  11. May an Alaska licensed surplus lines broker adjust claims without applying for an adjuster license?
    Yes, the surplus lines broker may act as an adjuster and investigate, adjust and report upon claims on behalf of and as authorized by a non-admitted insurer.
  12. May an Alaska licensed reinsurance intermediary broker or reinsurance intermediary manager adjust claims without applying for an adjuster license?
    Yes, the reinsurance intermediary broker or reinsurance intermediary manager may act as an adjuster and investigate, adjust and report upon claims on behalf of and as authorized by an insurer or reinsurer under contract.

Independent Adjuster

An independent adjuster represents the interests of the insurer.

You need an independent adjuster license to adjust claims on behalf of an insurer that is not your employer.

See AS 21.27.830.

Reciprocal Nonresident License

You are required to hold an independent adjuster license in your home state to qualify for a reciprocal license. A licensee cannot use a Designated Home State (DHS) to obtain nonresident independent adjuster authority in Alaska.

If your home state does not offer independent adjuster authority, you will be required to pass the Alaska Adjuster exam and file a paper application. An individual that passes the Alaska Adjusters exam may designate Alaska as their home state.

Pearson VUE provides licensure exams for the Alaska Division of Insurance.
Nonresident Adjuster Application

Experience Requirement

If you have been an Alaska-licensed independent adjuster in good standing within the previous four calendar years, you meet the experience requirement.

Resident Experience Requirement

If you don’t meet the above requirement, you need to have at least six months’ active working experience within the previous two calendar years as one of the following:

  • independent adjuster trainee
  • insurance producer
  • managing general agent
  • reinsurance intermediary broker
  • reinsurance intermediary manager
  • surplus lines broker
  • independent adjuster
  • underwriter or claims adjuster employee of an insurer

See AS 21.27.830.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

You may adjust workers’ compensation claims under the casualty authority of an independent adjuster license – no additional license is required.

The Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation administers and enforces the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act (Act).

AS 23.30.030(4) requires an insurer to provide staffed adjusting facilities in Alaska or to retain an independent licensed Alaska resident adjuster with power to effect settlement and make payments within Alaska. The Act may have additional requirements for adjusting workers’ compensation claims.

For questions regarding Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act requirements, contact the Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation at (907) 465-2790.

Adjuster Licensing Exemptions

An independent adjuster license is not required if:

  • You are a staff adjuster and adjust claims on behalf of your employer, an admitted insurer.
  • You are contracted to pursue an insurer’s subrogation rights following its payment of an insured’s claim and not involved in investigating and adjusting the loss. See Bulletin B93-08.
  • You are an Alaska-licensed producer or managing general agent who holds an appointment with an admitted insurer and adjust claims for them.
  • You are an Alaska-licensed surplus lines broker who adjusts claims for a non-admitted insurer.
  • You are an Alaska-licensed reinsurance intermediary broker or reinsurance intermediary manager adjusting claims under contract for an insurer or reinsurer.

Single Loss and Catastrophe Provisions

Submit 08-227 to register to adjust a single loss or losses arising out of a catastrophe.

An independent adjuster license is not required if: you hold a nonresident independent adjuster license in good standing in your home state, you are adjusting a single loss or losses arising out of a catastrophe declared by the director, and you notify the director in writing of the adjustment within 10 days.

See AS 21.27.860(a).

Public Adjuster

Alaska does not issue a public adjuster (an adjuster who handles claims on behalf of an insured) insurance license.

Credit Insurance Limited Producer

You do not need a separate authority for limited lines credit if you hold an Alaska producer license for life, health, property, and casualty.

See Bulletin B 13-07.

Motor Vehicle Rental Agency Limited Producer

Submit the Exempt Motor Vehicle Employee Application via NIPR within 30 days of hiring an employee authorized to transact insurance on a motor vehicle rental agency limited producer’s behalf.

Employees of a motor vehicle rental agency limited producer do not need a separate insurance license to transact insurance business at the agency.

See AS 21.27.150.

Motor Vehicle Service Contract Provider

A license is required for any entity who meets the definition of a motor vehicle service contract provider - generally the business entity (firm) offering the contract.

A representative selling motor vehicle service contracts on behalf of the provider, providing motor vehicle services to a service contract holder under the entity’s contract, does not need a license.

Motor Vehicle Service Contract Administrator

Registration is required for any entity who meets the definition of a motor vehicle service contract administrator - generally a business entity.

Firm representatives do not need to be separately registered.

Portable Electronics Limited Producer

Alaska issues a portable electronics limited producer license to a vendor that sells or offers portable electronics insurance.

An insurer issuing portable electronics insurance is required to provide a training program for employees and authorized representatives that includes instruction about the portable electronics insurance offered to customers and required disclosures.

Employees or authorized representatives of a licensed vendor may transact portable electronics insurance without a limited producer license if compensation is not primarily based on the number of customers enrolled for coverage.

See AS 21.36.515.

Portable Electronics Limited Adjuster

License Exemption

Employees of a licensed independent adjuster or their affiliate, with not more than 25 people under the supervision of one licensed independent adjuster or licensed producer, who collect or furnish claim information for portable electronics insurance issued under AS 21.36.515 are exempt under AS 21.27.010 (j) (10).

Resident Surplus Lines Broker

Resident Surplus Lines Brokers must be licensed as either an insurance producer or managing general agent for property and casualty lines of authority.

Surplus Lines Broker Premium Reporting

See AS 21.27.790 (1).

Temporary License

The director may issue a temporary license, for a period not to exceed 180 days, without requiring an examination, to provide continued service to policyholders in the case of the death, total disability, or active military service of a licensed producer.

The director may issue the temporary license to a surviving spouse, a legal representative of the producer, or an employee of the producer.

If you are called to active service in the armed forces, your license will remain in force, but you must designate an individual who meets all the qualifications for a permanent license, except for training, experience, or passing the necessary exam.

See AS 21.27.390.

Third Party Administrator

Registration Required

Registration as a TPA is required if:

  • Your Alaska risk resident insurance falls within the definition of TPA.
  • You represent a domestic insurer or you are a resident who does not provide services to ERISA plans.
  • You represent a foreign insurer, your home state is not accredited by the NAIC, or you are not licensed/registered as a TPA in your home state.

Registration Not Required

See AS 21.27.630. You are required to certify that you are exempt from registration.

Title Limited Producer

Producer licenses for title insurance are issued to residents only. No other license authority can be held in addition to title.

Any officer or salaried employee of a title insurer must hold a limited title producer license if the individual transacts title insurance.

See AS 21.66.480 and AS 21.27.150 (2).

Escrow Officer

The duties performed by an individual with the position of “escrow officer” may differ from title agency to agency.

See Bulletin B 03-13 for activities requiring licensure.

Travel Limited Producer

A person transacting travel insurance must complete a training program that includes instruction on the type of insurance offered, ethical practices, and the disclosures that must be provided to prospective customers.

A licensed travel insurance limited producer must retain a register on each unlicensed travel agent who transacts travel insurance on its behalf, and the register must be available to the director upon request.

A separate travel insurance producer license is not required for a travel agent who only makes, arranges, or offers travel services by offering, issuing for delivery, issuing, or renewing travel insurance to its customers on behalf of, and directly under, the direction of a licensed travel insurance limited producer.

An unlicensed travel agent cannot evaluate terms, benefits, and conditions of insurance; evaluate or provide advice concerning a prospective purchaser’s existing insurance coverage; or represent that they are licensed.

See Bulletin B 13-07.

Variable Annuities and Life Authority

Applicants are required to provide a FINRA registration number.

Residents must also be licensed for life authority.

Viatical Settlement

Applicants applying for a viatical settlement license must hold an active producer license for life and variable annuity and life.