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Alaska Risk MAP Program

Community Risk MAP Studies: City and Borough of Juneau

FEMA and the State of Alaska are conducting a Risk MAP Study in the City and Borough of Juneau that began in late 2013.

City and Borough of Juneau Risk MAP Discovery Documents City and Borough of Juneau Risk MAP Coastal Documents Draft Workmaps, Released May 18, 2016 Flood Risk Review Meeting, August 30, 2016 Preliminary Flood Insurance Study + Flood Insurance Rate Map Database Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps Consultation & Coordination Officer + Public Meeting Resilience Documents + Workshop Region X Service Center Quarterly Reports

Project Scope

The table below outlines the engineering work scoped for the City and Borough of Juneau (see also the map below):

Stream Name Riverine or Coastal Modeling Type (ZONE) Stream Length
Duck Creek Riverine Detailed (Zone AE) 3 miles
Lemon Creek Riverine Detailed (Zone AE) 2 miles
Jordan Creek Riverine Detailed (Zone AE) 3 miles
Unnamed Tributary to Duck Creek Riverine Detailed (Zone AE) 0.25 miles
East Fork Duck Creek Riverine Detailed (Zone AE) 1 mile
Gold Creek Riverine Approximate with structures (Zone A) 2 miles
Auke Lake Riverine Approximate with structures (Zone A) 1 mile
Auke Bay Coastal Detailed Redelineation (Zone VE) 15 miles
Douglas Harbor Coastal Detailed Redelineation (Zone VE) 4 miles
Tee Harbor Coastal New Coastal Study (Zone V or VE) 3 miles

Project Status

Recent Activity

The proposed flood hazard determination notice for CBJ was published in the Federal Register in June 2019. The preliminary and revised preliminary products are available for view and download from FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center website.

Next Steps

FEMA will provide a second 90-day appeal period for all new or modified flood hazard information shown on a FIRM, which will commence on the second newspaper publication on July 24, 2019. The appeal period is the time when comments and appeals, with supporting technical data, may be submitted. Both technical and nontechnical data will be accepted and reviewed for possible incorporation into the maps. Any owner or lessee of real property, within a community where a proposed flood elevation determination has been made who wishes to appeal and comment on the maps should submit their comments through CBJ. CBJ should submit these appeals and comments using one of the following methods:

Through the mail to:
FEMA Region 10 Service Center
20700 44th Ave. W., Suite 130
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Or through email to: and cc: and

If a constituent insists on submitting their appeal information directly to FEMA, one can provide these addresses to them for them to submit. Just note, that because CBJ is the official participant in the National Flood Insurance Program and is responsible for keeping the community reasonably safe from flooding, we will be providing copies back to CBJ so there is an awareness of what is being commented on and to allow CBJ to provide feedback on any comment or appeal. More details on the appeal process can be found online.

During and immediately after the end of the 90-day appeal period for the revised preliminary products, FEMA and STARR II will work with CBJ to resolve any comments/appeals your community may have, and acknowledgement and resolution letters will be provided. If an appeal or comment results in significant changes, FEMA will revise the FIS report and FIRM and send revised copies to CBJ for review. Please note that STARR II is still addressing/resolving all comments from the last appeal period. Resolutions will be coordinated with CBJ and communicated with concerned parties.

Following the resolution of all comments and appeals (from both appeal periods), FEMA will send the Letter of Final Determination (LFD). An LFD is a letter FEMA sends to the Chief Executive Officer of a community stating that a new or updated FIRM or DFIRM will become effective in six months. The scheduled LFD date could change if there are comments or appeals that require additional processing of the FIS and FIRM. The effective date for the project will be six months after the LFD.

FEMA developed a multi-hazard Risk Report for the Juneau area as part of the ongoing Risk MAP study. The Risk Report will include a risk assessment of avalanche, earthquake, flooding, landslide, tsunami, volcano ash fall, and wildfire. Hazus, FEMA’s loss estimation software, will be used to assess earthquake and flood hazards. Once all risk assessments are completed, they will be compiled into the Risk MAP Risk Report and a Resilience Workshop will be held to discuss the results and risk reduction strategies. The Draft Risk Report was shared with CBJ on January 14, 2019.

Project Schedule

The following table illustrates project status and includes major milestones with dates:

Meeting/Deliverable Actual/Projected Date
Risk MAP Discovery Meeting September 26, 2013
Flood Study Kick-Off Call August 17, 2015
Draft Workmap Release May 18, 2016
Flood Risk Review Meeting August 30, 2016
Preliminary DFIRM/FIS Release August 25, 2017
Consultation Coordination Officers (CCO) Meeting January 9, 2018
Public Meeting/Workshop April 4, 2018
1st Appeal Period Starts April 11, 2018
1st Appeal Period Ends July 9, 2018
Revised Preliminary DFIRM/FIS Release November 30, 2018
Draft Multi-Hazard Risk Report January 14, 2019
2nd Appeal Period Starts July 24, 2019*
2nd Appeal Period Ends October 22, 2019*
Risk MAP Resilience Workshop To Be Determined*
Delivery of Final Risk Report + Risk Assessment Database September 2019*
Letter of Final Determination February 2020*
Maps and FIS become Effective August 2020*

*All projected dates are subject to revision as the project progresses.

Map of Juneau Study Scope

See the key, below, for the extent of the City and Borough of Juneau coastal mapping study
Click on image to open larger map

Juneau Study Scope Map

FEMA Region X
Risk MAP Newsletters

Contact for More Information

Sally Russell Cox
State of Alaska Risk MAP Coordinator
Division of Community and Regional Affairs
Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1650
Anchorage, AK 99501-3569
Phone (907) 269-4588
Fax (907)269-4539