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Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers

A letter from the Alaska Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers

NOTE:   Valid license numbers may or may not include four alpha characters. If you have an alpha-numeric license number, you must
enter all characters in order to renew online.

Important Real Estate Appraiser Certificate and Trainee Registration Renewal Reminder:

Renewal applications are subject to random audit to ensure compliance with continuing competency requirements.

If an application is chosen for random audit, and the licensee fails that audit, the Board will, absent unusual or extraordinary circumstances, seek to impose the following minimum penalties:

  • A $100 fine for each deficient credit hour, plus a fine of $2500 for a false application.
  • A reprimand from the Board.
  • A mandatory audit requirement.

Nothing in the above will prevent the Board from seeking more substantial penalties for a failed audit, up to and including revocation of a license, should circumstances warrant.

The responsibility for knowing and completing continuing competency requirements; completing the renewal application completely, accurately and truthfully; and verifying completion of continuing competency activities if audited falls on the licensee. Please verify you’ve completed the required continuing competency activities prior to submitting your renewal application.

If you have any questions, or will not be able to complete the required continuing competency activities prior to the renewal deadline, please contact the licensing examiner prior to submitting your renewal application:

For more information, please read the Board Position Statement on CE Violations

The Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers is staffed by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing. The Board consists of one general real estate appraiser, one residential real estate appraiser, one mortgage banking executive, one public member, and one at-large member. Board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

The Board adopts regulations to carry out the laws governing real estate appraisal practice in Alaska. It makes final certification decisions and takes disciplinary action against people who violate the certification laws. The Board meets two times a year and offers a scheduled public comment period at each meeting. Meeting dates and agendas are available from the licensing examiner.

  • General Real Estate Appraiser
  • Institutional Real Estate Appraiser
  • Registered Trainee
  • Residential Real Estate Appraiser
  • Courtesy Licensing

Initial Applications

Renewal Applications

Miscellaneous Applications

Contact Information

Licensing Examiner: Dawn Dulebohn
Phone: (907) 465-3811
Fax: (907) 465-2974
PO Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806