Regulation of Nursing Home Administrators

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Please see the following notice from the National Association of Long Term Care Administrators Board:

Attention Exam Candidates and Prospective Examinees: In July 2017, NAB will transition its examinations to a new structure: examinees will need to pass a 100-item “core of knowledge” section and a 50-item line of service section. Please be advised that there will be a brief “blackout” period during this transition, in which no NAB exams will be administered. Examinees and prospective examinees must either plan to take the exam in its current form by June 30, or to prepare to take the new examination form after July 1.Study guides and reference lists will be revised in accordance with the new exam structure some time this spring.

NAB’s examinations test for entry-level knowledge in long term care administration. The Nursing Home Administrator Exam (NHA) has been developed and administered by NAB for decades and is taken by over 2,000 candidates across the nation annually. The Residential Care/ Assisted Living Administrator Exam (RC/AL), has been offered by NAB since 2000; hundreds of candidates sit for this national exam, both from states that require the RC/AL as a condition of licensure and from voluntary candidates who are seeking to enhance their employment opportunities and increase their knowledge base.

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The Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing staffs the nursing home administrator program. The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development adopts regulations to carry out laws governing nursing home administrators in Alaska. It makes final licensing decisions and takes disciplinary actions against people who violate licensing laws.

For information on Assisted Living Homes or Facilities, please visit the State of Alaska Department of Health & Social Services website.

Regulated Professions

  • Nursing Home Administrator

License Applications

Miscellaneous Forms

Statutes and Regulations

Alaska Statutes are passed by the legislature. Regulations (also called the Alaska Administrative Code) are rules adopted by the department to implement, interpret, and make specific the statutes. Both statutes and regulations have the force of law.

AS 08.70 and regulations 12 AAC 46 specifically apply to nursing home administrators. AS 08.01 - 08.03 and regulations 12 AAC 02 apply to all professions regulated by the division.

Proposed regulations are advertised in Alaska newspapers and we invite public comment on them. If you would like to receive notice of proposed regulations, please write to the regulations specialist and request that your name be added to the Nursing Home Administrators interested parties list. Please advise us if you move or wish your name removed from the mailing list.

National Organizations

National organizations may provide information on the regulation of nursing home administrators in other states.

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