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Public Notice

  • Proposed Regulations Changes
  • DCCED/CBPL proposes to change occupational license fees charged to massage therapists.

    Written comments deadline: 5:00 p.m. on May 2, 2017

  • Proposed Regulations Changes
  • The Board proposes to update regulations regarding continuing education requirements for renewal, crimes involving moral turpitude, and definitions.

    Written comments deadline: 5:00 p.m. on May 8, 2017

Public Notice

Many of you have reached out regarding the requirements to renew your license this summer (9/30/2017). I hope that you will find this informative and helpful. Please read through this information carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

What do I have to send in to renew my license?

  • Renewal application: This will be available on the Board’s website sometime after July 2017.
  • A new set of fingerprints is required at each renewal. It would be best if you sent your new fingerprint card starting in May & June along with the $60.00 fee because there are a large number of you and it can take a few months for the Department of Public Safety to process them and return the background check to the Board.
  • Fees: The Division will determine the amount of the fees after an extensive fee analysis this spring. The fee amounts are unknown at this time.
  • Continuing Education Credits: On the application you will be asked to “attest” to the fact that you have completed the required amount (6). We will run a random audit of all licenses and those folks chosen will need to submit a copy of their 6 CE’s. They will be contacted in writing after the renewal is finished.

    Attest means to certify a document by signature or oath, as in an official capacity. Attest is a legal term that refers to the act of a person swearing to or affirming the truth of something. Attestation may be made by bearing witness to the execution of a document by signing one's signature to the document.
  • Current CPR Card

I will send out reminder post cards with more information once we get closer to the summer. Please feel free to check out the Board's website regularly for information.

Code of Ethics

Alaska Board of Massage Therapists Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who is required to have a Massage Therapy License?

All professionals practicing in the State of Alaska as of July 1, 2015 are required to have a massage therapy license in order to practice.

2.   How can I apply?

Please visit the applications and forms section of our website. Applicants that have been practicing massage therapy between the years of 2010 and 2015 can apply for licensure under the "PRACTICING" application and are not required to take exams and provide transcripts. Applicants that do not qualify to apply under that application must apply by "Credentials" (if licensed in another jurisdiction) or by "Examination" on the "NEW" application. The application includes detailed instructions. Please carefully read them to prevent delays.

3.   How long does it take to get my license?

The standard processing time of documents received is 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks), though this timeframe depends on the workload of the examiner. Typically, applications take a total of one to two (1-2) months from start to finish (license issued/denied). During renewals, expect additional time needed for processing.

4.   Once I get my license, what do I need to know?

A letter will be provided with your license explaining in detail what is required of you. A license must be renewed before it expires. All current licenses must be renewed by September 30, 2017. Continuing education is a requirement of renewal (12 AAC 79.210). You are required to update this office with any address changes experienced.

5.   How does renewal work?

The division will send written notification to you at least 30 days in advance of the renewal deadline. It is your responsibility to provide all requested/necessary information and fees in order to renew your license. Please be advised: fingerprinting is a requirement of license renewal. These typically take several months to process; it is advised to submit fingerprint cards well in advance of the deadline, along with the $60.00 processing fee.

6.   What are the continuing education requirements?

(12 AAAC 79.210) Applicants licensed between 2015 and 2017 are required to obtain at least 6 continuing education credits. All of these may be met through Internet-based, approved courses.

Approved courses are:

  1. A board-approved massage therapy school.
  2. A regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher education (course must be directly related to the skills and knowledge required for the practice of massage therapy).
  3. Local, state or national professional organzation that serves the massage therapy profession including:
    1. ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals)
    2. AMTA(American Massage Therapy Association)
    3. FSMTB (Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards)
    4. NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

License Applications and Forms

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