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Alaska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Recent Report Reveals Decrease in Alaska Opioid Prescriptions


The division reviewed all public comments relating to the proposed fees for the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). Originally proposed at $50.00 for initial registration and renewal, the fee amounts have since been reassessed and reduced. Effective April 22, 2018 and required by 12 AAC 02.107, a $25.00 initial and $25.00 renewal registration fee will be required by all pharmacists who dispense and practitioners who prescribes, administers, or directly dispenses a schedule II – IV controlled substance before initial or continued access to the database is granted. Submission of PDMP registration fees will be integrated into the license renewal process; no PDMP fees are due from existing users prior to April 22, 2018. Please click HERE for PDMP fee FAQs and click HERE to review the regulation filing notification.

Alaska's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Practitioners and pharmacists attempting to register with the PDMP using the outdated form titled, “Data Requestor Notary Form” will not be given access to the database. To register, you must submit a request online at:

Regarding specialty designations: only physicians may use physician specialties; however, a number of PDMP registration requests reflect non-physicians designating specialties intended only for physician license types. To avoid misrepresentation and to receive an accurate reflection of how your prescribing practices compare to others of the same occupation and specialty (prescriber report card), you must choose the specialty that most accurately reflects your current and authorized scope of practice.

Proposed Regulations FAQs: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Controlled Substance Prescription Database Registration Fees

PDMP Registration Requirements for Prescribers and Pharmacists

Comprehensive Guide to PDMP Requirements and Effective Dates

PDMP Web Page:     Register   |   Sign In   |   Submit Data   |   Find Information

Joint Committee on Prescriptive Guidelines Report to Alaska State Legislature

Learn more about reducing addiction at:  Opioids.Alaska.Gov

Alaska Prescription Drug monitoring Program

Alaska Prescription Drug monitoring Program

How to use the Alaska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Alaska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (AKPDMP) is Alaska's solution for monitoring Schedule II-IV controlled substances dispensed in Alaska. This program is designed to improve patient care and foster the goal of reducing misuse, abuse, and diversion of controlled substances; and to encourage cooperation and coordination among state, local, and federal agencies and other states to reduce the misuse, abuse, and diversion of controlled substances.

AS 17.30.200 requires that each dispenser shall submit, by electronic means, information regarding each prescription dispensed for a controlled substance. Each dispenser shall submit the required information to the central repository at least once each week unless the board waives this requirement for good cause shown by the dispensing vendor.

                          PDMP INSTRUCTIONS AND RESOURCES
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PDMP sign-in by AWARxE

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Create a PDMP account in AWARxE
You must register using the name exactly as it appears on your professional license. If you have an alphanumeric license number, be sure to include both letters and numbers.

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Provider sign-up instructions

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Delegate sign-up instructions
Only individuals licensed, registered, or certified under AS 08 may register as a delegate.

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Patient request guide

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Data submission dispenser guide

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Submit data through the PMP clearing house

HB 159

PDMP Registration Requirements for Prescribers, Pharmacists and Delegates

Comprehensive Guide to PDMP Requirements and Effective Dates

Opioid Prescribing Statement

Starting July 17, 2017:

  • Mandatory registration by all pharmacists who dispense a federally controlled substances II, III and IV and DEA registered prescribers licensed in the State of Alaska.
  • Practitioner must review PDMP information before dispensing, prescribing, or administering a federal schedule II or III controlled substance. The exception(s) are:
    • receiving treatment in an inpatient setting;
    • at the scene of an emergency or in an ambulance;
    • in an emergency room;
    • immediately before, during, or within the first 48 hours after surgery or a medical procedure;
    • in a hospice or nursing home that has an in house pharmacy;
    • a nonrefillable prescription of a controlled substance in a quantity intended to last for not more than three days.
  • Collection of all schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances dispensed in the state; schedule V controlled substances are no longer collected.
  • Delegate access is now allowed, but with limitations; a registered pharmacist or prescriber may allow access to the PDMP by an agent or employee, who is licensed or registered under AS 08, by creating a sub-account within the PDMP under their corresponding prescriber or pharmacist account.
  • Unsolicited reports may be provided to both prescribers and pharmacists when a patient appears to be receiving multiple Schedule II-IV prescriptions from multiple pharmacies and multiple prescribers; the current threshold is set at 5 prescribers / 5 dispensers in a 3-month period.
  • Reporting frequency of controlled substances dispensed will change to weekly.

Joint Committee on Prescriptive Guidelines Report to Alaska State Legislature

Learn more about reducing addiction at: Opioids.Alaska.Gov

Alaska Prescription Drug monitoring Program


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For help with the PDMP, please contact Appriss PMP AWARxE Technical Assistance at:

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