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PDMP Notification FAQs

Unsolicited Prescriber "Report Card" FAQs

1.   What is an unsolicited prescriber report or "report card"? 2.   How do I interpret my prescriber report or "report card"? 3.   Who has the authority to send out prescriber reports, and why were they sent? 4.   How often will I receive an unsolicted prescriber report and through what format will it be sent? 5.   What if there is incorrect information listed on my prescriber report? 6.   I didn’t receive a "report card"—why?

PDMP Registration Reminder Notice FAQs

7.   I received a letter in the mail dated November 6, 2017, reminding me to register with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). I am already registered--why did I receive this notice? 8.   Why was the November 6, 2017, PDMP letter sent out? 9.   When will I receive another PDMP reminder notice?